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The most beautiful trips in the Czech Republic

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The most beautiful trips in the Czech Republic
Inserted: 30.05.2021
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The Czech Republic is extremely diverse in terms of small size. Here you will find several beautiful mountains, Tertiary volcanoes, karst areas, beautiful river valleys, sandstone rock towns and beautiful monuments or city centers. Let's take a look at more than 50 of the most beautiful trips you can take here

Giant Mountains ridge crossing

The highest trek in the Czech Republic

| Altitude: 1 603 m / 5 259 ft

The Krkonoše ridge crossing is probably the most classic mountain march you can take in the Czech Republic.… continue reading

Tour of Punkva Cave and Macocha

The biggest attractions of the Moravian Karst

| Altitude: 378 m / 1 240 ft

There is probably no bigger attraction in the Moravian Karst than a trip to the Punkva Cave and the huge… continue reading

Hike Mezní Louka - Pravčická gate

To the largest sandstone rock gate

| Altitude: 401 m / 1 316 ft

The Pravčická Gate is located in the Bohemian Switzerland National Park and is the largest sandstone rock… continue reading

Hike to the quarries of the Bohemian Karst and Karlštejn

Not just Great America and the Imperial Castle

| Altitude: 410 m / 1 345 ft

One of the most interesting trails in the Bohemian Karst leads from the monumental Karlštejn Castle to the… continue reading

Trip to Hruboskalsko

Rock town with castle

| Altitude: 410 m / 1 345 ft

Hruboskalsko competes with Prachov rocks for the most popular tourist rock town in the Bohemian Paradise. You… continue reading

The most beautiful circuit in the heart of the Giant Mountains

Tourism between the Czech and Silesian ridges

| Altitude: 1 305 m / 4 281 ft

The most beautiful circuit in the Giant Mountains is in the vicinity of mountain meadows connecting the… continue reading

Charles Bridge and surroundings

The most beautiful bridge in the Czech R

| Altitude: 215 m / 705 ft

Charles Bridge is one of the three biggest tourist magnets in Prague and possibly maybe even the greatest –… continue reading

A trip to Prachovské skal

The most famous rock town


Prachovské skály is perhaps the most famous Czech rock town famous not only for the song by Ivan Mládek, but… continue reading

View from the Castle Tower in Český Krumlov

The most beautiful view of Český Krumlov

| Altitude: 488 m / 1 601 ft

Český Krumlov is rightly one of the most visited cities in the Czech Republic. Especially the views from the… continue reading

Road to Solenická Podkov

A trip to the second most famous view of the Vltava

| Altitude: 437 m / 1 434 ft

The Solenická podkova lookout is probably the second most famous view of the Vltava (after the May lookout).… continue reading

A tour of Drábské světničky

Beautiful views from the rock castle

| Altitude: 375 m / 1 230 ft

A tour of the Drábská světnička rock castle is not exactly intended for those who have problems with steep… continue reading

The beauty of Štramberk

Or Štramberk is not just a Trumpet

Altitude: 422 m / 1 385 ft

Štramberk is a unique Moravian town with a unique atmosphere. Wedged between the hills, with its wooden… continue reading

Visit of Panská rock

Unique basalt organ

| Altitude: 597 m / 1 959 ft

Panská skála („Lord's Rock”) at Kamenický Šenov belongs to the most interesting natural monuments from the… continue reading

Hike to Rana and Oblík

Sightseeing tour from Louny

| Altitude: 468 m / 1 535 ft

The best hike from Louny is a circuit through the beautiful peaks of the western part of the Bohemian Central… continue reading

Classic ascent to Praděd

Ascent to the highest mountain in Moravia

| Altitude: 1 491 m / 4 892 ft

Almost everyone who visits the Hrubý Jeseník mountain range for the first time wants to climb its highest… continue reading

Visit of Zelena Hora

Santini's baroque jewel

| Altitude: 602 m / 1 975 ft

Church of St. John of Nepomuk built on Zelena Hora (“Green Mountain“) on the northern edge of Zdar nad… continue reading

Pavlovské vrchy

Spring walk a little different

| Altitude: 306 m / 1 004 ft

Pavlovské vrchy form an elongated ridge between Pavlov and Mikulov and are the most conspicuous part of the… continue reading

A tour of Bezděz Castle

Tour of the royal castle

| Altitude: 604 m / 1 982 ft

Bezděz Castle located on a high hill Velký Bezděz (604 m above sea level) is one of the most visited places… continue reading

Tour of Mikulov

A trip to the most beautiful city in South Moravia

Altitude: 243 m / 797 ft

At the southern end of the Pálava ridge, just a short distance from the border with Austria, we find the… continue reading

Tour of Hukvaldy Castle

A trip to the huge Beskydy castle

| Altitude: 464 m / 1 522 ft

In the Palkovická hůrka mountains, which form the very picturesque Podbeskydí, you will also find the huge… continue reading

A tour of the Catherine's Cave

The largest accessible dome in the Czech Republic

Kateřinská Cave lives in the shadow of Macocha and its Punkva Cave. It was opened to the public in 1910. The… continue reading

Trip to Podtrosecké valley

Beautiful lakes below Trosky

| Altitude: 488 m / 1 601 ft

One of the best one-day trips in the Bohemian Paradise is to the castle Trosky and Podtrosecké valley deep… continue reading

Trip to Kuks Hospital

One of the most beautiful baroque complexes in Bohemia

| Altitude: 304 m / 997 ft

A visit and tour of Kuks Hospital is a pleasant half-day trip. You will find it just a short walk from Dvůr… continue reading

Devil's heads

Rocky statues near Želíz

| Altitude: 214 m / 702 ft

In the Central Bohemian region near Mělník, more precisely above the village of Želízy, you will find this… continue reading

A tour of Křivoklát Castle

The heart of Křivoklátsko

Altitude: 264 m / 866 ft

Křivoklát Castle is one of the oldest and most important Czech castles. Its origins date back to the 12th… continue reading

Vesely Kopec

Open-air museum in Vysocina region

| Altitude: 550 m / 1 804 ft

Vesely Kopec (lit. “Merry hill”) is a settlement of scattered interesting houses from 19th and 20th century… continue reading

Tour of Landštejn Castle

A massive ruin in the middle of the beautiful landscape of Czech Canada

Altitude: 645 m / 2 116 ft

The massive ruins of Landštejn Castle are located at the top of a distinctive hill about 3 km northwest of… continue reading

Visit to the Slavkov u Brna chateau

Baroque jewel of Moravia

Altitude: 219 m / 719 ft

Slavkov Castle is one of the largest Baroque castles in Moravia and is the dominant feature of the town of… continue reading

Ascent to Mount Klíč

The most beautiful peak of the Lusatian Mountains

| Altitude: 759 m / 2 490 ft

Mount Klíč (759 m above sea level) is the gateway to the Lusatian Mountains and their fourth highest mountain… continue reading

Tour of Kokořín Castle

The heart of the Kokorin region

| Altitude: 299 m / 981 ft

The most visited place in the whole Kokořín region is undoubtedly the Kokořín castle, built on a sandstone… continue reading

Hike Pustevny - Radhošť

Beskydy classic

| Altitude: 1 093 m / 3 586 ft

Along with the ascent to Lysá hora, a walk from Pusteven to Radhošť mountain (1,129 m above sea level) is the… continue reading

Davle - Kamenny Privoz

The best part of Posazava trail

| Altitude: 280 m / 919 ft

The best part of Posazava trail (= around river Sazava) is located near the confluence of river Sazava with… continue reading

Dlouhé Stráně

Interesting technical building in the middle of beautiful mountains

| Altitude: 1 341 m / 4 400 ft

The Dlouhé Stráně pumped storage hydroelectric power plant is located in Hrubý Jeseník. It belongs to the… continue reading

Ascent to Lysá hora

Behind the sun of sunrise and sunset

| Altitude: 1 323 m / 4 341 ft

There is a lot to write about Lysá hora, the highest peak of the Moravian-Silesian Beskydy. This time I will… continue reading


The highest royal castle

| Altitude: 875 m / 2 871 ft

Charles IV came up with the idea to build a castle. The kingdom of that time needed to protect the land… continue reading

Hike around Modlivý dol near Svojkov

Visit to the rock chapel Modlivý důl

| Altitude: 436 m / 1 430 ft

The Modlivý důl rock chapel is one of the biggest attractions, which you will find in a picturesque area… continue reading

A tour of the Holy Mountain near Příbram

A trip to the most important place of pilgrimage in Bohemia

| Altitude: 576 m / 1 890 ft

To the southeast of the center of Příbram you will find the most important Marian pilgrimage site in Bohemia… continue reading

Ascent to Veliš

Outlook of the Czech Paradise

| Altitude: 429 m / 1 407 ft

Veliš hill (429 m asl) is the best and surprisingly little forgotten outlook point to Jičín basin, the Czech… continue reading

A tour of Mnichovo Hradiště Castle

The last resting place of Albrecht of Wallenstein

| Altitude: 240 m / 787 ft

Mnichovo Hradiště Castle is one of our rarest castles. Originally a Renaissance chateau, Václav Budovec from… continue reading

Hike along the Rieger Trail

Through the beautiful Jizera canyon

| Altitude: 335 m / 1 099 ft

The Rieger Trail is one of the most beautiful „river“ tours you can undertake in the Czech Republic. The most… continue reading

Hike along the Otter

The jewel of Šumava

| Altitude: 821 m / 2 694 ft

The Vydra River is one of the most visited places in Šumava for tourists. They walk from Čenkova Pila to… continue reading

Vítkův hrádek

The highest Czech castle

Altitude: 1 035 m / 3 396 ft

Vítkův hrádek castle is sometimes referred to as Vítkův kámen is the highest castle in the Czech Republic… continue reading

Trip to Vranov near Brno

To the crypt of the Liechtenstein family

| Altitude: 463 m / 1 519 ft

Vranov u Brna is a well-known and frequently visited Marian pilgrimage site, located about 12 km north of… continue reading

Trip to Kleť

Ascent to the highest mountain of the Blanský Forest

| Altitude: 1 054 m / 3 458 ft

Kleť is the highest peak of the Blanský Forest and you will find it between České Budějovice and Český… continue reading

Ascent to Lysá skála

An interesting lookout point near Provodín

| Altitude: 419 m / 1 375 ft

Lysá skála (419 m above sea level) is one of the most interesting peaks of the Kokořín region and the Mácha… continue reading

Walk around the castle Sloup

Magic rock castle in Lusatian Mountains

| Altitude: 360 m / 1 181 ft

One of the most picturesque places in the Lusatian Mountains is the castle Sloup and its surroundings located… continue reading

A tour of Valečov and its surroundings

Rock castle and rooms

| Altitude: 320 m / 1 050 ft

One of the most interesting places to visit in Příhrazské skaly is the ruins of the rock castle Valečov.… continue reading

Ascent to Bořeň

Underappreciated our seventh wonder of the world

| Altitude: 539 m / 1 768 ft

Bořeň (539 m above sea level) is located on the edge of the PLA České středohoří and is very isolated, which… continue reading

Ascent to Děčínský Sněžník

Ascent to the highest table mountain in the Czech Republic

| Altitude: 723 m / 2 372 ft

You can go to our largest table mountain – Děčínský Sněžník from several directions. The simplest is from the… continue reading

Hitler's bridges

Flooded unfinished bridges on the railway

| Altitude: 384 m / 1 260 ft

Hitler's bridges began to be built during the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia in 1939. When Hitler began… continue reading

Tour of Berchtold Castle

A pleasant trip for the whole family

| Altitude: 378 m / 1 240 ft

The first mention of the local manor house dates back to 1388, when it was owned by Vavřinec of Vidovice. It… continue reading

Tour of Vrchlabí

Entrance gate to the Giant Mountains

| Altitude: 485 m / 1 591 ft

Vrchlabí is often called the gateway to the Giant Mountains. No wonder, it is located exactly where the Elbe… continue reading

Bike trip Znojmo classic

By bike to the Vranov dam

| Altitude: 317 m / 1 040 ft

This cycling trip will take you mainly around the Vranov dam – ie. around Vranov Castle, the ruins of… continue reading

Ascent to the Nine Rocks from Křižánky

Ascent to the second highest mountain in the Vysočina region

Altitude: 814 m / 2 671 ft

Nine Rocks (836 m above sea level) is the highest peak of the Žďár Hills and the second highest in the entire… continue reading

A tour of České Budějovice

A trip to the metropolis of South Bohemia

Altitude: 387 m / 1 270 ft

České Budějovice has almost one hundred thousand inhabitants and is thus the largest city in South Bohemia.… continue reading

A tour of Zvíkov Castle

Castle above the confluence of the Vltava and Otava rivers

| Altitude: 359 m / 1 178 ft

Zvíkov Castle can be found in a very tactical place, on a rocky promontory above the confluence of the Vltava… continue reading

Pouzdřanská steppe

One of the best views of Pálava

| Altitude: 179 m / 587 ft

Not only vineyards and rolling fields, but also steppe landscape can be found in the landscape between Brno… continue reading

A walk around the Castle Pond in Lednice

Walk to the famous minaret in Lednice

Altitude: 164 m / 538 ft

Probably the most popular walk in Lednice is a round trip around the Castle Pond to the minaret and back. The… continue reading

Besedice rocks circuit

The most beautiful hike in the Maloskalsko region

| Altitude: 473 m / 1 552 ft

Besedice rocks are only a small rock town, but full of interest. Apart from the rock towers and narrow… continue reading

Tour of Písek

The city with the oldest stone bridge

| Altitude: 374 m / 1 227 ft

The sand lies on the gold-bearing river Otava. It is famous mainly for its stone bridge, the oldest in the… continue reading


The highest mountain and the largest ski area in the Ore Mountains

Altitude: 1 244 m / 4 081 ft

Klínovec (German Keilberg) is at an altitude of 1244 meters above sea level [the highest peak of the Ore… continue reading

Milovice Nature Reserve

A journey into times long past

Altitude: 200 m / 656 ft

In earlier times, countless amazing creatures roamed our planet, which can rarely be seen today where or even… continue reading

Circuit through Králický Sněžník

Circuit from Upper Moravia

| Altitude: 1 417 m / 4 649 ft

My friend and I started in the evening climbing from the parking lot from Horní Morava to the Klepáč lookout… continue reading

A tour of the Kačina chateau

Empire gem

| Altitude: 225 m / 738 ft

Kačina Castle is unique among Czech castles. It is the most important building of Empire architecture in… continue reading

A tour of Bečov nad Teplou

A historic town in the Slavkov Forest

| Altitude: 518 m / 1 699 ft

Inside the Slavkov Forest you will find the beautiful historic town of Bečov nad Teplou, where you will find,… continue reading

City tour of Loket

Picturesque city under the famous castle

| Altitude: 414 m / 1 358 ft

The picturesque town of Loket has only three thousand inhabitants. It is located on a rocky promontory… continue reading

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