Trip to Hruboskalsko

Trip to Hruboskalsko

Rock town with castle

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Overcrowding: Large
Difficulty: Below average
Time: 3:30 h

Hruboskalsko competes with Prachov rocks for the most popular tourist rock town in the Bohemian Paradise. You can admire here beautiful panoramas not only of interesting rock formations, but also distant views of Kozákov ridge (“Kozákovský hřeben”), Giant Mountains (“Krkonoše”) and Ještěd. Except for it there is also nice castle Hrubá Skála, castle Valdštejn (“Wallenstein”) and interesting Kopic farm (“Kopicův statek”) and a short way from here also reliefs in sandstone rocks. It is possible to combine here easy hiking circuits suitable also for small children with more difficult ones, where you can expect hundreds of stairs in the center of the rock town.

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The route of the most beautiful circuit around Hruboskalsko

From the car park at castle Hrubá Skála walk down through the mouse hole into a shadowy valley beneath the Dragon´s rocks and from there set out to Adam's bed (“Adamovo lože”). From the signpost then along the yellow trail through beautiful Marian outlook (“Mariánská vyhlídka”) to Anton spring (“Antonínův pramen”). From there already along the blue trail through the interior of Hruboskalsko to John's outlook (“Janova vyhlídka”). You will then join the main red trail and walk back through the amazing Outlook of the Band (“Vyhlídka na Kapelu”).

Article: Walk through Mouse Hole to Adam's bed

The most beautiful gorge in Hruboskalsko

If you are visiting Hruboskalsko (“the area around castle Hrubá Skála”), do not forget to go through the Mouse hole (“Myší díra”) to Adam's bed (“Adamovo lože”). Although it is a very short walk, you can enjoy here the atmosphere of shady ravine between high sandstone rocks. For most tourists it is just a starting point into a big circle around Hruboskalsko or of a trip further on to the castle of Waldstein (“Valdštejn”) or up to Turnov. It can also be final destination for families with small children. They may like it here due to the rock chasms that are on the way. At the same time leads this way also an alternative way from Spa Sedmihorky.  

Article: Hike through the rocks of Hruboskalsko

Walk in the interior of rocks

Compared with entirely relaxing walk along the red tourist trail from Hrubá Skála to Wallenstein (“Valdštejn”) is the walk through the interior of Hruboskalsko rock town a little more challenging. You can expect not dozens, but hundreds of steps up and down. Expended effort is rewarded with beautiful views not only of the rock town, but also of the hills and mountains north of the Bohemian Paradise.  

Article: Walk Hrubá Skála - Wallenstein

The easiest trip in Hruboskalsko

Three and a half kilometer long walk from Hrubá Skála to the castle Wallenstein (“Valdštejn”) is one the most typical hikes in Hruboskalsko. Thanks to a wide path leads here also a cycling trail and is comfortable also for families with strollers and small children. The most beautiful place is the outlook of The Band (“Kapela), from where you can see dozens of towers in the rock town. This trail is part of the long-distance walk through the Bohemian Paradise from Jičín to Turnov. You can either return back the same route, but it is better to do this classic circuit and walk back "inside" the rock town.

Extension of the trip

If you would like to extend this trip, you can walk to the castle Valdštejn or to Kopic estate, in the surroundings of which are interesting rock carvings.


Article: Walk around the castle Valdštejn

Around the forest stone

Castle Valdštejn (“Wallenstein”) situated on the north end of the picturesque Hruboskalsko is a popular stop on the main circuits in this area. It spreads on the tops of sandstone rocks and is connected with its surroundings by a beautiful bridge with baroque statues. Thanks to the Church of St. John of Nepomuk, which dominates the entire complex, it actually does not look like a castle. It is accessible on the main red trail connecting Turnov with Jicin or along the yellow trail from Spa Sedmihorky. You can also bypass it along the unmarked path and by that see from all sides.


Article: Visit of Kopic estate and rock reliefs

Folk art in sandstone rocks

Kopic estate lies on the blue tourist route, halfway between Hruboskalsko and village Kacanovy. Because it is located away from the main tourist circuits, there are not so many tourists as in other parts of Hruboskalsko. However, it is worth to go here (1km one way from the South pass on the main tourist route Hrubá Skála - Castle Valdštejn /“Wallenstein”/), because you will see here both very well preserved farmhouse of Jizera type (unfortunately not open to the public), but mainly rock carvings of Mr. Kopic in the surrounding rocks. There is a small labeled circuit leading around them.

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