The most beautiful hikes in the world

Great one-day hikes

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The most beautiful hikes in the world
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In this overview you will find a very beautiful, the maximum one-day hikes from around the world. Not only during long treks, but even with such a short hike, you can explore the beautiful and dramatic places. Unlike multiday treks you do not pull camping equipment, so you be walked lightly and comfortably.

Hike Lagunas de Altura

On the way to three beautiful lagoons

| Altitude: 5 150 m / 16 896 ft

This beautiful and surprisingly not frequently walked hike around high-lying altiplano lagoons leads on both… continue reading

Hike to the lagoon de Los Tres

The way under Fitz Roy

| Altitude: 1 180 m / 3 871 ft

The most beautiful, but also the most frequently walked hike from El Chalten is the one to the lagoon de Los… continue reading

Hike Grand Canyon South Kaibab Trail

Descent to the very bottom of the Grand Canyon

| Altitude: 1 011 m / 3 317 ft

There is probably no more world-famous place than the Grand Canyon. I had the opportunity to look at the very… continue reading

Ascent to Bromo Viewpoint

Famous volcanic panorama

| Altitude: 2 660 m / 8 727 ft

Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park in the eastern part of the island of Java offers several relatively simple… continue reading

Tongariro Alpine Crossing Tour

The most beautiful one-day march

| Altitude: 1 880 m / 6 168 ft

Tongariro Alpine Crossing is probably the most famous day trip on the North Island. Here you walk through a… continue reading

Hike in the Red valley

World of rocks from Göreme to Çavuşin

| Altitude: 1 050 m / 3 445 ft

The trip starting near the town of Göreme is very beautiful and offers incredible views of the surrounding… continue reading

Ascent to Parkachik la

Beautiful outlook of Nun and Kun

| Altitude: 4 000 m / 13 123 ft

One of the best experiences in beautiful Suru valley is an easy ascent from Panikhar (3 270 m asl) to … continue reading

Hike Sendero Mirador Nordenskjöld

Awesome outlook of Torres

| Altitude: 130 m / 427 ft

National Park Torres del Paine is famous mainly for its W-trek, but you can make here a plenty of other treks… continue reading

Hike to lagoon Torre

Under the sharpest spike of Glaciares

| Altitude: 750 m / 2 461 ft

The second most popular half-day hike from El Chalten is to the lagoon Torre, above which rises the most… continue reading

A trip to the Huaytapallana mountains

A tour of the beautiful Pocket Mountains

| Altitude: 4 582 m / 15 033 ft

The most beautiful day trip from the picturesque town of Huancayo will take you directly into the interior of… continue reading

Ascent to Intipunku

Sun Gate above Machu Picchu

| Altitude: 2 770 m / 9 088 ft

Machu Picchu (2 430 m asl) is not only about a tour around the Inca ruins surrounded by scenic rock cones and… continue reading

Hike to the peninsula of Sao Lourenco

The easternmost tip of the island

| Altitude: 100 m / 328 ft

Ponta de Sao Lourenco is a popular tourist destination. While the rest of Madeira abounds in lush vegetation,… continue reading

Trek in Landmannalaugár

With ascent to Brennisteinsald (881 m asl) and Bláhnúkur (945 m asl)

| Altitude: 945 m / 3 100 ft

Trek in the Liparite (rainbow) mountains of Landmannalaugár, in the Fjallabak nature reserve. Views from the… continue reading

Hike from Copacabana to the island of the Sun.

Beautiful walk along the shores of Lake Titicaca

| Altitude: 3 916 m / 12 848 ft

One of the most popular trips from Copacabana is a cruise to the island of the Sun. It is much more… continue reading

Levada Hike 25 Fontes

From Rabacal to 25 springs

| Altitude: 1 230 m / 4 035 ft

One of the most beautiful levada tours in Madeira leads through mysterious tree heaths and laurel forest with… continue reading

Ascent to Ultars meadows

Ascent high above the valley of Hunza

| Altitude: 3 800 m / 12 467 ft

Ascent to Ultars meadows is the most popular day hike leading straight up above the narrow and steep canyon… continue reading

Ascent to Mannen

Around mountain lakes and snow fields

| Altitude: 1 294 m / 4 245 ft

It is possible to undertake several interesting hikes to the surrounding peaks, to the glacier or mountain… continue reading

Tube Sillar trek

A wilderness not far from Tupiza

| Altitude: 4 040 m / 13 255 ft

You will definitely not find this beautiful hike over the Palala Valley in any Bolivian guide, yet it offers… continue reading

Ascent to the Monastery (Ad-Deir)

The outlook up to the Dead Sea

| Altitude: 1 065 m / 3 494 ft

The most popular hike in the rock town of Petra is almost hourly ascent to the Monastery (Ad- Deir), which is… continue reading

Ascent to Pico do Arieiro

The highest position of Madeira

| Altitude: 1 861 m / 6 106 ft

This area is the best that Madeira has to offer in alpine tourism. In addition, access to Pico do Arieiro is… continue reading

Hike from Chile Chico

Along Lake General Carrera

| Altitude: 450 m / 1 476 ft

From the small town of Chile Chico, located on the enchanting Lake Patagonian General Carrera, you can take a… continue reading

Trip to Hruboskalsko

Rock town with castle

| Altitude: 410 m / 1 345 ft

Hruboskalsko competes with Prachov rocks for the most popular tourist rock town in the Bohemian Paradise. You… continue reading

Hike in Barranca Masca

In the grip of volcanic rocks to the oce

| Altitude: 620 m / 2 034 ft

Masca Gorge begins in the village bearing the same name. Most ordinary tourists overcome the 600 meter… continue reading

Besseggen ridge crossing

One of the most popular treks in all of Norway

| Altitude: 1 465 m / 4 806 ft

The Besseggen ridge is located in the Jotunheimen National Park and is undoubtedly one of the most popular… continue reading

Hike above the gorge of Todra

Through Todra gorge into the mountains t

| Altitude: 1 700 m / 5 577 ft

Trek through Todra Gorge is not very difficult. We get to the nomadic settlement in the mountains through… continue reading

Hike across View Point to Runtee beach

Ascent to the most famous viewpoint of the island

| Altitude: 139 m / 456 ft

Most tourists come to Phi Phi to have a nice place on the local white beaches. However, there is one output… continue reading

Hike over Shigatse

Fabulous view of the monastery and fortr

| Altitude: 4 150 m / 13 615 ft

Most tourists visit only two main places in Shigatse – panchen lama monastery Tashilhunpo and the old fort,… continue reading

Crossing over the Pico Viejo

The best in the volcanic landscape

| Altitude: 3 555 m / 11 663 ft

This hike is very tempting, because it takes you almost to the top of Pico de Teide (possibly up to it),… continue reading

Hike to Monte Taborno

Matterhorn of Tenerife

| Altitude: 630 m / 2 067 ft

This peak, reminiscent by its shape uniqueness of a little iconic Swiss mountain, is not high – it has only… continue reading

Hike Passu - Lake Borit

Hike between two glaciers

| Altitude: 2 800 m / 9 186 ft

If you want to undertake a little more adventurous half-day hike in Passu, it is best to walk from the… continue reading

Hike around Lamayuru gompa

Walk in the moonland

| Altitude: 3 600 m / 11 811 ft

The ancient Lamayuru gompa surrounded by small town with Tibetan-looking houses is the center of Buddhism in… continue reading

Hike to Blavatnet lake

Walk to the lake

| Altitude: 781 m / 2 562 ft

From the valley Stardalen in National Park Jostedalsbreen lead many interesting paths to glaciers and lakes.… continue reading

Hike in Nehyeaal Danda

Views above the Lake Phewa

| Altitude: 1 500 m / 4 921 ft

Green ridge towering from the southern shore of Lake Phewa offers beautiful outlooks of extensive rice fields… continue reading

Through Velká Studená a Velická valley

Over Prielom and Polský hrebeň

| Altitude: 2 428 m / 7 966 ft

From Starý Smokovec you can set out for one of the most beautiful hikes in the High Tatras leading up Velká… continue reading

Ascent to volcano Sabyinyo

Mountain on the border of three states

| Altitude: 3 645 m / 11 959 ft

Most tourists come to National Park Mgahinga because of the very rare mountain gorillas. But you can also… continue reading


The most beautiful mountain on the island of Senja

| Altitude: 596 m / 1 955 ft

Mount ** Segla ** belongs together with the jagged ridge „Okshornan“: […k… continue reading

Hike to the mountains above Lake Sonkol

To an abandoned prospect

| Altitude: 3 700 m / 12 139 ft

The most easily accessible mountain from the Bataj-Aral yurt camp, located at the northeastern end of Lake… continue reading

Trek across Rarotonga

Through the island from north to south

| Altitude: 220 m / 722 ft

Cross-Island Track is absolutely the most interesting trip in Rarotonga. You will go across the whole island… continue reading

Ishak Pasha Trek

Short trek through Kurdistan

| Altitude: 2 440 m / 8 005 ft

The best one day trip from Dogubayazit leads to a beautiful otomans palace of Ishak Pasha Sarayi and farther… continue reading

Hike to glacier Haugabreen

Face of the glacier to the touch

| Altitude: 950 m / 3 117 ft

Jostedalsbreen nasionalpark offers many possibilities for hiking of any difficulty. There are also many… continue reading

Hike through The Narrows Gorge in Zion NP

Wading in the Virgin River

| Altitude: 1 395 m / 4 577 ft

The Narrows is the narrowest part of the canyon in Zion National Park. At a height of over 300 meters and in… continue reading

Classic circuit in Huerquehue National Park

A trip to prehistory

| Altitude: 1 249 m / 4 098 ft

Just outside the town of Pucón is the beautiful Huerquehue National Park. It is a mountainous landscape with… continue reading

From Brévent to Flégère

Scenic route in the Chamonix Mont-Blanc area

| Altitude: 1 036 m / 3 399 ft

Chamonix is still busy, at any time of the year. Fortunately, the surrounding slopes and peaks are still able… continue reading

Ascent to the Tilicho lake

Journey to the mysterious lake

| Altitude: 5 000 m / 16 404 ft

One of the nicest mountain experiences during the trek around Annapurnas is the wander to the stunning… continue reading

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