The most beautiful hikes in the world

The most beautiful hikes in the world

Great one-day hikes

In this overview you will find a very beautiful, the maximum one-day hikes from around the world. Not only during long treks, but even with such a short hike, you can explore the beautiful and dramatic places. Unlike multiday treks you do not pull camping equipment, so you be walked lightly and comfortably.

Hike Lagunas de Altura
-18.066, -69.036
5 150 m / 16 896 ft

#1 Hike Lagunas de Altura

On the way to three beautiful lagoons

This beautiful and surprisingly not frequently walked hike around high-lying altiplano lagoons leads on both sides of the border between Bolivia and Chile. During this hike you will enjoy not only the beautiful lagoons, but also amazing views of the surrounding volcanoes with impressive Sajama at the forefront. This description follows on the trip /way/ leading from the village of Sajama to fumaroles.

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Hike to the lagoon de Los Tres
-49.284, -72.97
1 180 m / 3 871 ft

#2 Hike to the lagoon de Los Tres

The way under Fitz Roy

The most beautiful, but also the most frequently walked hike from El Chalten is the one to the lagoon de Los Tres directly under the monumental granite walls of Fitz Roy. Except for this beautiful mountain you can admire on this trip also the view of the river Vueltas and surrounding wilderness. Count with about three hours to get the lagoon.

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Hike in the Red valley
38.653, 34.845
1 050 m / 3 445 ft

#3 Hike in the Red valley

World of rocks from Göreme to Çavuşin

The trip starting near the town of Göreme is very beautiful and offers incredible views of the surrounding rock formations, outlooks and many mysterious caves carved into the rocks. The destination is close historic town of Çavuşin, from where you can take a bus back to Göreme. The route is relatively easy and is suitable also for families with children.

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Ascent to Parkachik la
34.098, 75.977
4 000 m / 13 123 ft

#4 Ascent to Parkachik la

Beautiful outlook of Nun and Kun

One of the best experiences in beautiful Suru valley is an easy ascent from Panikhar (3 270 m asl) to  Parkachik la pass ( 4,000 m asl) with an amazing view of the local mountain giants Nun (7 135 m asl) and Kun (7 077 m asl) and other peaks in the main Himalaya ridge separating Kashmir from Ladakh.

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Hike Sendero Mirador Nordenskjöld
-51.057, -73.01
130 m / 427 ft

#5 Hike Sendero Mirador Nordenskjöld

Awesome outlook of Torres

National Park Torres del Paine is famous mainly for its W-trek, but you can make here a plenty of other treks and walks with amazing outlooks of the local rock towers, glaciers and incredibly blue glacial lakes. One such shorter walk is the path from Pudeto to the outlook point Mirador Nordenskjold, where you can enjoy (relatively without much effort) the local stunning Patagonian nature and big waterfall Salto Grande as a bonus. 

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Hike to lagoon Torre
-49.33, -72.988
750 m / 2 461 ft

#6 Hike to lagoon Torre

Under the sharpest spike of Glaciares

The second most popular half-day hike from El Chalten is to the lagoon Torre, above which rises the most difficult mountain throughout National Park Glaciares - Cerro Torre (3,102 m asl). The path to these towers leads through picturesque landscape modeled by glacier long ago. There is also a camp at the lagoon Torre and at the same time starting point to the South Patagonian ice field. The walk to the lagoon takes about three hours. 

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Ascent to Intipunku
-13.17, -72.534
2 770 m / 9 088 ft

#7 Ascent to Intipunku

Sun Gate above Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu (2 430 m asl) is not only about a tour around the Inca ruins surrounded by scenic rock cones and covered with mist forest. There are several nice hiking opportunities. One of the easiest is the ascent to the Sun Gate (2 770 m asl), which is in fact a small fortress high on the ridge overlooking both sides of the valley. This ascent is basically the last stage of the famous Inca Trail. Views of Machu Picchu and the surrounding countryside are absolutely delightful.

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Ascent to Ultars meadows
36.354, 74.679
3 800 m / 12 467 ft

#8 Ascent to Ultars meadows

Ascent high above the valley of Hunza

Ascent to Ultars meadows is the most popular day hike leading straight up above the narrow and steep canyon at the upper part filled up by the glacier and take you to the magical place overlooking the surrounding steep peaks and a small waterfall. Most photogenic mountain here is the famous "Lady finger ". This hike can be managed either without backpack or by staying in a small mountain hut or possibly get even higher to Honn pass.

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Ascent to Mannen
62.444, 7.763
1 294 m / 4 245 ft

#9 Ascent to Mannen

Around mountain lakes and snow fields

It is possible to undertake several interesting hikes to the surrounding peaks, to the glacier or mountain lakes around The Trolls' Path (Trollstigen). Difficulty of these "hikes" is different and is indicated at the starting points on a directive in blue, red or black. In general, however, also "blue" hikes have mostly narrow paths and rocky terrain. The indicated times are really only for very experienced hikers (and Norwegians). The ascent to the outlook peak Mannen (1 294 m asl) is not difficult, but in its last part before the summit you must overcome several rock and scree fields with confident walk and good orientation. The terrain in the valley Alnesdalen is often wet with small wetlands and even in July there may still be snowfields in the higher parts. The reward for the effort will be a bird's eye view of the valley Romsdalen and the surrounding mountains. 

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Ascent to the Monastery (Ad-Deir)
30.338, 35.431
1 065 m / 3 494 ft

#10 Ascent to the Monastery (Ad-Deir)

The outlook up to the Dead Sea

The most popular hike in the rock town of Petra is almost hourly ascent to the Monastery (Ad- Deir), which is only slightly less impressive than the main attraction of the entire town - Al-Khazneh (Treasury). In addition, only a few hundred meters away are two beautiful outlooks next to each other overlooking Wadi Araba, Jebel Haroun and the entire town.  

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Trip to Hruboskalsko
50.552, 15.184
410 m / 1 345 ft

#11 Trip to Hruboskalsko

Rock town with castle

Hruboskalsko competes with Prachov rocks for the most popular tourist rock town in the Bohemian Paradise. You can admire here beautiful panoramas not only of interesting rock formations, but also distant views of Kozákov ridge (“Kozákovský hřeben”), Giant Mountains (“Krkonoše”) and Ještěd. Except for it there is also nice castle Hrubá Skála, castle Valdštejn (“Wallenstein”) and interesting Kopic farm (“Kopicův statek”) and a short way from here also reliefs in sandstone rocks. It is possible to combine here easy hiking circuits suitable also for small children with more difficult ones, where you can expect hundreds of stairs in the center of the rock town.

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Hike in Barranca Masca
28.305, -16.84
620 m / 2 034 ft

#12 Hike in Barranca Masca

In the grip of volcanic rocks to the oce

Masca Gorge begins in the village bearing the same name. Most ordinary tourists overcome the 600 meter descent to the ocean, from where they will be taken by pre-arranged boat to one of the nearest tourist centers. But Masca is not only about going down and back. In the narrow ravine of the gorge, which is hemmed by several hundred meters high rocks, there is a microclimate even without any breeze and water supply is a must. You will be rewarded by fantastic views of the rock formations, beautiful bay and good feelings from the hike, which is shown in guides as one of the most difficult in Tenerife. 

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Hike above the gorge of Todra
31.581, -5.61
1 700 m / 5 577 ft

#13 Hike above the gorge of Todra

Through Todra gorge into the mountains t

Trek through Todra Gorge is not very difficult. We get to the nomadic settlement in the mountains through interesting terrain of rocky and plastic Atlas and then return different way back to the starting point. 

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Hike over Shigatse
29.274, 88.866
4 150 m / 13 615 ft

#14 Hike over Shigatse

Fabulous view of the monastery and fortr

Most tourists visit only two main places in Shigatse - panchen lama monastery Tashilhunpo and the old fort, which looks like a miniature of Potala in Lhasa. The most interesting, however, is the ascent to the outlook ridge above the town, from where you have a great view of the town. Without any doubt, this trip is the best activity you can undertake in this second largest Tibetan town.  

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Crossing over the Pico Viejo
28.263, -16.664
3 555 m / 11 663 ft

#15 Crossing over the Pico Viejo

The best in the volcanic landscape

This hike is very tempting, because it takes you almost to the top of Pico de Teide (possibly up to it), guides you through the chaotic terrain of lava flows and makes you acquainted with the incredible landscape of monumental crater of volcano Pico Viejo drowsing on the foot of higher stratovolcanic Teide. There is a cableway leading to this highest peak of Tenerife and the whole Spain and it ends at a height of 3 555 meters asl. Another possible way to get there (except for the alternative ascent to Pico de Teide, for which is necessary a permit) continues with the descent. But its length and terrain is quite challenging. The descent ends at the parking lot at Parador Nacional de las Canadas hotel at an altitude of approximately 2 100 meters asl. 

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Hike to Monte Taborno
28.559, -16.264
630 m / 2 067 ft

#16 Hike to Monte Taborno

Matterhorn of Tenerife

This peak, reminiscent by its shape uniqueness of a little iconic Swiss mountain, is not high – it has only 706 meters asl, But it lies close to the ocean and therefore gives very monumental impression. It is located in the northern part of the island in the mountains of Anaga. Also the access to it along the ridge separating deep valleys is very attractive. Another route that bypasses gradually the peak offer magnificent views of mountains, valleys and cliffs in the north of Tenerife. 

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Hike Passu - Lake Borit
36.449, 74.871
2 800 m / 9 186 ft

#17 Hike Passu - Lake Borit

Hike between two glaciers

If you want to undertake a little more adventurous half-day hike in Passu, it is best to walk from the glacier Passu to lake Borit lying above the village of Hussaini. You can admire the views of two glaciers and two different lakes during this hike. But the path is in some places not very clear and you will need your own intuition. But on the other hand, you cannot lose your way completely. To the north from you is a wall of Karakorum and to the south Karakorum Highway, where you can run down if you get lost on the upland plain between glaciers. Earlier this trek led even further to the bridge of "Indiana Jones", but everything has disappeared under the waters of Lake Attabad.

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Hike around Lamayuru gompa
34.287, 76.775
3 600 m / 11 811 ft

#18 Hike around Lamayuru gompa

Walk in the moonland

The ancient Lamayuru gompa surrounded by small town with Tibetan-looking houses is the center of Buddhism in western Ladakh. It gives the impression as a counterweight of a little hectic Leh. In addition to the famous festivals held here such as colorful Yuru Kabgyat and trekkers setting out from here for the hike to Padum, the capital town of Zanskar, worth seeing is also the close "moon" surroundings of the monastery. All the bustle and hustle disappears suddenly after only a few hundred meters away and you can see all the mountain panoramas with the monastery in the foreground.

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Hike to Blavatnet lake
61.561, 6.656
781 m / 2 562 ft

#19 Hike to Blavatnet lake

Walk to the lake

From the valley Stardalen in National Park Jostedalsbreen lead many interesting paths to glaciers and lakes. This ascent to the lake Blavatnet begins very comfortably by car – by ascending along the toll road south to a place called Befringstoylen (toll 50, - NOK). The continuation is relatively easy without any difficult ascent through low birch forest up to the lake, which is at an altitude of 781 meters asl. It is difficult to get around the lake, because it is surrounded by wetlands. It is an easy walk that will bring the views of typical Norwegian countryside, in addition, with only few tourists. And because the summer days are long, it is possible to walk in the afternoon into the very eastern end of valley Stardalen that is formed by narrow valley of Langedalselva. 

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Hike in Nehyeaal Danda
28.22, 83.88
1 500 m / 4 921 ft

#20 Hike in Nehyeaal Danda

Views above the Lake Phewa

Green ridge towering from the southern shore of Lake Phewa offers beautiful outlooks of extensive rice fields on its slopes and in good weather also of the glaciated peaks of Annapurnas. In addition, you will meet here only minimum tourists and you would not even guess that right next door is the second busiest city in Nepal - Pokhara. There are basically two starting points for this trip - from World peace stupa (1 100 m asl), where you can get in a taxi or from Chatichhina (850 m asl), where you can walk along the lakeshore.  

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Through Velká Studená a Velická valley
49.176, 20.157
2 428 m / 7 966 ft

#21 Through Velká Studená a Velická valley

Over Prielom and Polský hrebeň

From Starý Smokovec you can set out for one of the most beautiful hikes in the High Tatras leading up Velká Studené dolina (“Great Cold valley”) to Zbojnická chata (“lit. Brigand hut”) and on over nice pass Prielom and Polský hrebeň (“Polish ridge”). The best on this hike can be the ascent to Východná Vysoká (2 428 m asl) from Polský hrebeň. The descent back leads through Velická dolina to Sliezský dom (lit.”Silesian house”) and on to Starý Smokovec. The hike is difficult especially for its length and elevation.

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Ascent to volcano Sabyinyo
-1.387, 29.592
3 645 m / 11 959 ft

#22 Ascent to volcano Sabyinyo

Mountain on the border of three states

Most tourists come to National Park Mgahinga because of the very rare mountain gorillas. But you can also hike here on the local volcanoes. Although the highest mountain in the National Park is four thousand high Mount Muhabura (4 127 m asl), far more popular ascent is to Sabyinyo (3 645 m asl), whose peak lies directly on the border of three countries: Uganda, Rwanda and DRC Congo. During the ascent you will enjoy beautiful sceneries looking into all three states and also lush vegetation on the slopes of this mountain.

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Trek across Rarotonga
-21.239, -159.789
220 m / 722 ft

#23 Trek across Rarotonga

Through the island from north to south

Cross-Island Track is absolutely the most interesting trip in Rarotonga. You will go across the whole island from north to south through tropical jungle during this approximately three-to four-hour lasting walk. You can also get a little wet and sometimes go in foggy clouds. Anyway, with a bit of luck you will have nice view of the highest peaks of the island Te Manga (653 m asl) and Te Atukura (638 m asl) from the highest point of the trek. Definitely do not underestimate shoes as there are a lot of slippery, muddy and even quite steep passages. It is possible to walk the trek in the opposite direction (i.e. from south to north) too, but it is not recommended as there is a greater risk of losing your way.

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Ishak Pasha Trek
39.512, 44.154
2 440 m / 8 005 ft

#24 Ishak Pasha Trek

Short trek through Kurdistan

The best one day trip from Dogubayazit leads to a beautiful otomans palace of Ishak Pasha Sarayi and farther into the mountains above it. Along the way, you will have a beautiful view of Ararat and see the life in small Kurdish villages, where time almost stopped.  

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Hike to glacier Haugabreen
61.65, 6.729
950 m / 3 117 ft

#25 Hike to glacier Haugabreen

Face of the glacier to the touch

Jostedalsbreen nasionalpark offers many possibilities for hiking of any difficulty. There are also many opportunities to camp, although very nice place with spectacular view is the camp in a place that is called Hoyset and lies in the valley Stardalen. When traveling from the north along the road E39 turn left at the settlement Klakegg and continue for about 12 kilometers. Nice and not very difficult is the walk to the face of glacier Haugabreen. From the camp rises gravel paved and narrow road (toll 50, - NOK) to the parking lot Haug Stoylen. From here leads a narrow path first on flat-bottomed glacial valley and later in steeper ascent with overcoming glacial streams. It seems that there are not many tourists even in the high season, which makes the local glacial countryside even more impressive. 

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Ascent to the Tilicho lake
28.679, 83.859
5 000 m / 16 404 ft

#26 Ascent to the Tilicho lake

Journey to the mysterious lake

One of the nicest mountain experiences during the trek around Annapurnas is the wander to the stunning Tilicho lake. This two-day detour from the main circuit will take you to places, where the Himalayan giants are almost at touch. The lake seems to lay on the boundary of two worlds. On one hand side there is bare and weathered landscape and on the other impossibly steep sides of Himalayan peaks, towering two kilometers above the lake and directly from it. Unfortunately, there is usually the worst weather of the Manang, so there may not be always clear cloudless views of the mountains and lake.

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