The most beautiful hikes in Šumava

The best mountain ascents in Šumava

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The most beautiful hikes in Šumava
Inserted: 23.11.2020
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Šumava offers the most peaks of the Czech mountains over a thousand meters above sea level, although most of them are not very pronounced. During hikes in Šumava, you can conquer several such hills in one day. Let's take a look at the most beautiful hikes and mountain ascents in Šumava

Cycling to Großer Arber / Big Maple

The highest peak of Šumava

| Altitude: 1 456 m / 4 777 ft

In addition to being the highest peak of the Šumava with its altitude of 1,456 m, the Großer Arber or Velký… continue reading

Along the peaks of Šumava

From Třístolicník to Plechý and back again

| Altitude: 1 343 m / 4 406 ft

Whether it is summer or winter, you have time off and you have no program, so you will definitely not go… continue reading

Ascent to Špičák and Svaroh

Around Devil's and Black Lakes

| Altitude: 1 334 m / 4 377 ft

This circuit has two different parts – the first part from Železná Ruda around both lakes with a turnoff to… continue reading


The highest royal castle

| Altitude: 875 m / 2 871 ft

Charles IV came up with the idea to build a castle. The kingdom of that time needed to protect the land… continue reading

Ascent to Debrník, Polom and Sklářský vrch

A circuit along the lesser-known Šumava peaks

| Altitude: 1 338 m / 4 390 ft

With its altitude of 1,336 m, Debrník or Plesná is one of the highest peaks on the Czech side of the Šumava… continue reading

Ascent to Ostrý and Velký Kokrháč

Or a walk along the border

| Altitude: 1 293 m / 4 242 ft

According to many, Ostrý is one of the most beautiful Šumava peaks. Its characteristic silhouette with two… continue reading

Hike along the Otter

The jewel of Šumava

| Altitude: 821 m / 2 694 ft

The Vydra River is one of the most visited places in Šumava for tourists. They walk from Čenkova Pila to… continue reading

Ascent to Montenegro and Stráž

Or nine thousand in one day

| Altitude: 1 316 m / 4 318 ft

In the vicinity of Kvilda there are a number of hills, the tops of which attract to conquer. We will overcome… continue reading

Vítkův hrádek

The highest Czech castle

Altitude: 1 035 m / 3 396 ft

Vítkův hrádek castle is sometimes referred to as Vítkův kámen is the highest castle in the Czech Republic… continue reading

Čenkova Pila

Saw with history

| Altitude: 648 m / 2 126 ft

It is located at the confluence of the rivers Křemelná and Vydra. It is named after a timber trader who had a… continue reading

Chalupská slať in winter

With the largest peat lake in the Czech Republic

Altitude: 908 m / 2 979 ft

About 1 km north of the village Borová Lada is a highland peat bog with the largest peat lake in the Czech… continue reading

Jezerní slať

A place where it freezes even in summer

Altitude: 1 063 m / 3 488 ft

In the area of the Šumava plateaus about 2.5 km north of the mountain resort Kvilda, there is an area of 103… continue reading

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