The most beautiful hikes in the Jizera Mountains

The most beautiful trips in the Jizera Mountains

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The most beautiful hikes in the Jizera Mountains
Inserted: 28.08.2020
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The Jizera Mountains offer not only cross-country skiing in winter and bicycles in summer, but also countless beautiful tours and excursions. Interesting is not only the Czech but also the Polish part of the mountains. In addition to the plateaus with relatively low peaks, there are also beautiful meadows and wild waterfalls. Let's see what interesting things we can do here

Across the Jizera Mountains

Circuit in the Jizera Mountains

| Altitude: 844 m / 2 769 ft

The Jizera Mountains are the northernmost mountains in the Czech Republic. Its highest peak is the mountain… continue reading

Ascent to Jizera and Smědavská hora

Across the Frýdlant battlements

| Altitude: 1 122 m / 3 681 ft

Jizera, the second highest mountain in the Czech part of the Jizera Mountains, is most easily accessible from… continue reading

Ascent to Tanvaldský Špičák

Ascent from Albrechtice in the Jizera Mountains

| Altitude: 805 m / 2 641 ft

Tanvaldský Špičák (810 m above sea level) is a significant dominant of the southern part of the Jizera… continue reading

Ascent to Ořešník

Rock lookout in Jizerky

| Altitude: 705 m / 2 313 ft

An interesting ascent to the rock lookout Ořešník 800m.nm, which you will find at the very northern tip of… continue reading

Hike along the ridges to Holubník

To Jizera plateau

| Altitude: 1 071 m / 3 514 ft

11 km long continuation of the ridge over the Jizera Mountains from the pass in Oldřichov up to pass Holubník… continue reading

NS Jedlový důl

Cascades and waterfalls on the Jedlová stream

| Altitude: 578 m / 1 896 ft

Jedlový důl is a nature reserve above the village of Dolní Maxov in the Jizera Mountains in the district of… continue reading

Hike across Špičák

Through beech forest

| Altitude: 724 m / 2 375 ft

Ridge path from Albrechtice u Frýdlantu to Oldřichovské sedlo (“pass”) is interesting mainly by preserved… continue reading

Hike along Pašerácká stezka

A connection of the Jizera and Lusatian

| Altitude: 641 m / 2 103 ft

Pašerácká naučná stezka („Smuggler's e­ducative trail“) leads through the picturesque countryside along… continue reading

A tour of the Liberec Zoo

The oldest ZOO in the Czech Republic

| Altitude: 416 m / 1 365 ft

ZOO Liberec is located at the eastern end of the city right at the foot of the Jizera Mountains. It has a… continue reading

Ascent to Smrk and Klínový vrch

Circuit through the highest peak of the Jizera Mountains

Altitude: 1 124 m / 3 688 ft

The subtitle of the article is a bit misleading, as Smrk is not the highest peak of the Jizera Mountains, but… continue reading

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