The most beautiful places in Nepal

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The most beautiful places in Nepal
Inserted: 29.03.2018
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Nepal is the dream of any trekking and mountaineering lover. You will find amazing mountain views, glacier lakes or harsh canyons of Himalayan rivers. There are also beautiful Buddhist and Hindu sights, which are also worth visiting.

Kala Patthar

The most beautiful outlook of the world

| Altitude: 5 648 m / 18 530 ft

Kala Patthar is only insignificant grassy mountain with rocky top lying on the ridge falling sharply from… continue reading

Phoksundo Lake

The most beautiful Nepalese lake

| Altitude: 3 620 m / 11 877 ft

Lake Phoksundo, located in the Shey Phoksundo National Park, is considered to be the most beautiful Nepalese… continue reading

Pass Kongma la

The most beautiful pass in Khumbu

| Altitude: 5 528 m / 18 136 ft

Kongma la pass (5 528 m asl) working as a link of Lobuche with Chhukhung belongs among the most beautiful… continue reading

Tilicho Lake

Lake in the shadow of Himalayas

| Altitude: 4 916 m / 16 129 ft

If you walk away from the main circuit of the trek around Annapurnas and come to this magical lake, you will… continue reading

Annapurna Base Camp

Base Camp under the monumental wall

| Altitude: 4 122 m / 13 524 ft

The path to the Annapurna I base camp is one of the most classic and most visited treks from Pokhara. From… continue reading

Gokyo Ri

Interesting prospect not only on Everest

| Altitude: 5 357 m / 17 575 ft

Mountain Gokyo Ri is the second most famous tourist prospects in the Khumbu region (after Kala Patthar). You… continue reading

Kicho tal Lake

Lake with stunning views of Annapurna

| Altitude: 4 618 m / 15 151 ft

Lake Kicho tal is one of the most beautiful places you can visit on the trek around Annapuren. However, since… continue reading

Everest Base Camp

The real starting point to Mount Everest

| Altitude: 5 280 m / 17 323 ft

Directly on Khumbu glacier, at an altitude of about 5280m asl, is located Everest Base Camp. This is real… continue reading

Boudhanath stupa

The Most Holy Buddhist Temple in Kathmandu

| Altitude: 1 360 m / 4 462 ft

One of the most interesting places in the entire Kathmandu Basin is the Boudhanath Stupa. Stupa is located in… continue reading

Thorong la pass

The highest place of Annapurna trek

| Altitude: 5 416 m / 17 769 ft

Thorong la pass (Thorung la) (5 416 m asl) is probably the most famous pass throughout Nepal. It is said to… continue reading

Pashupatinah Temple

Nepalese Varanasi

| Altitude: 1 315 m / 4 314 ft

The holiest Hindu temple in Nepal is such a miniature analogy to Indian Varanasi. In the Ghat are burned dead… continue reading

Famous view of Dhaulagiri

Prospects from Kobang and Larjung

| Altitude: 2 563 m / 8 409 ft

The Kobang and Larjung villages in the Kali Gandagi Valley are not in themselves very interesting. But the… continue reading

Lookout from Poon Hill

The majestic view of the Dhaulagiri

| Altitude: 3 176 m / 10 420 ft

One of the short treks you can take around Pokhara is ascent to Poon Hill. Otherwise, the insignificant hill… continue reading


Magical village in Mustang

| Altitude: 3 570 m / 11 713 ft

Tsarang (sometimes written as Charang) is a Buddhist town set in the magical landscape of Upper Mustang. A… continue reading


| Altitude: 1 336 m / 4 383 ft

Bhaktapur, located only a short distance east of Kathmandu, is due to its historic center, taken as the most… continue reading

Chorten above Ghyaru

Amazing view of Annapurna

| Altitude: 3 977 m / 13 048 ft

From chorten above the village of Ghyaru you have the great view of Annapurnas range, and the entire… continue reading

Swayambhunath Stupa

Sacred Monkey Temple

| Altitude: 1 400 m / 4 593 ft

Stupa Swayambhunath is one of the three most important religious sites in Kathmandu. Thanks to its location… continue reading


The former royal town

| Altitude: 1 314 m / 4 311 ft

Patan was formerly a separate royal city, today it is essentially just the southern suburb of Kathmandu. The… continue reading

View from Sarangkot

The famous view of the Annapurnas

| Altitude: 1 539 m / 5 049 ft

Perhaps the most popular prospect of Annapurna near Pokhara is the Sarangkot hill lying to the north of the… continue reading


Kingdom of Animals


The lowland, flat, and agricultural south of Nepal Terai was formerly the only malaria seedlings. Nowadays,… continue reading

Durbar square at Kathamndu

Kathmandu Historical Center

| Altitude: 1 310 m / 4 298 ft

The historical center of Kathmandu is undoubtedly Durbar Square full of Hindu temples. More than a classic… continue reading

Lake Phewa

Mirror for Annapurnas

| Altitude: 800 m / 2 625 ft

The most famous Nepalese lake Phewa, on whose shore lies the tourist town of Pokhara, is famous for the… continue reading

Rice fields at Bahundanda

The most beautiful rice fields

| Altitude: 1 200 m / 3 937 ft

The most beautiful rice fields on the trek around Annapuren, you will find around the Bahundan village. On… continue reading

World Peace Pagoda

View of Lake Phewa

| Altitude: 1 094 m / 3 589 ft

The World Peace Pagoda, along with the Sarangkot Hill, is the most popular viewpoint on the Himalayas near… continue reading

Khumbu glacier

The most famous glacier in Nepal

| Altitude: 5 100 m / 16 732 ft

The most famous glacier in Nepal – Khumbu has only about twelve kilometers in length, which is not much… continue reading


The former main kingdom of Nepal

| Altitude: 1 109 m / 3 638 ft

Gorkha was the most important city in Nepal. Now it is a sleepy city where you barely find a tourist since… continue reading

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