Trek to Tilicho lake

The most beautiful trip in Manang

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Trek to Tilicho lake
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Among the most beautiful trips in Manang belong a two-day trip to the high mountain lake Tilicho, so you will be surprised that it is undertaken only by a fraction of people setting out for the trek around Annapurnas. On this trek you will get virtually within reach to Gangapurna and Tilicho peak, whose walls fall directly to the south side of the lake.  

Day 1

Walk to Khangsar or to Tilicho BC

The typical schedule of the trip to lake Tilicho shows the walk from Manang to Tilicho BC for the first day. But this stage can be slightly shortened so that after completion of acclimatization trips you walk the same afternoon to Khangsar and here you can use these about 2 hours in the morning.

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Day 2

Ascent to lake Tilicho

The second day is the best on this walk. You will finally see the magical lake Tilicho (if you spent the night in Khangsar, it is possible to manage even quicker variant Khagsar – Tilicho BC – Tilicho – Tilicho BC in one day, but you will then have little time for the lake itself, because there is very quickly shade here and so it is definitely better to set out from Tilicho BC in the morning for the whole day).

  • TIP: If you are very experienced or have a guide and at the same time do not want to go for some reason through Thorong la pass, you can set out from lake Tilicho through the pass Mesokanto la directly to Jomsom.
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Day 3


The third day, you can either return the same way to Manang. But more interesting alternative with amazing views of the mountain is the shortcut over Upper Kangsar (although only in the case you do not have to return to Manang).

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