Manang trek

To the north of Annapurnas

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Manang trek
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Manang trek is for most tourists the most important part of big walk around Annapurnas. You'll see the individual peaks of this eight thousand high massif from beautiful outlook places. Along the way you will be able to get to know Buddhist culture and architecture. There is much better weather than on the other side of the mountains due to the rainfall shadow.

The first views of Annapurnas

The trek around Manang begins in Dharapani (most tourists come here from Besi Shahar within Lamjung trek, significant minority extend the trek around Manaslu for this route). The journey continues still upstream Marsyangdi river. In Danakyu awaits you the first big decision, which way to go farther. More frequent alternative is along the trail closer to the river. More interesting is to ascend the hill to Timang, from where are beautiful views of Manaslu massif, particularly at sunset. It is therefore worthwhile to plan trek so that you sleep in Timang. From Timang continues a comfortable path to Thanchok, where you join to the lower trail. You can then expect beautiful views of Annapurna II and Lamjung Himal.

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Walk to Pisang

The next day awaits you the walk to Pisang, which is relatively straight without any possibility of alternatives. They will start at the very end of the stage, where you have to decide whether to stay in the spacious new lodges by the river in Lower Pisang or in old Upper Pisang. But there is quite difficult to find a free place to stay in the late afternoon.

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Walking along the Lower or Upper trail

In Pisang awaits you a decision on whether to continue along the bottom path through Humde or along the lower one through Ghyar and Ngawal. Most of big travel agencies prefer easier and the fastest lower path, during which you will get from Pisang to Manang in one day. But far better is the upper way with stunning views of Annapurnas and Manaslu. Furthermore, you will get more acclimated here and there are opportunities for side trips with even nicer views. For those in a hurry can be interesting to find out that also by using the upper path it is possible to get from Pisang to Manang in just one day.

  • TIP: In Pisang also starts a short trek to the six thousand high top of Pisang Peak. So if you are well acclimated and you have the appropriate permit, you can try to scramble to the great summit with unique view.
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Manang and surroundings

Manang (3 540 m asl), the highest settlement in area having the same name is often used by the majority of tourists as acclimatization or rest day, so for this reason, there are a lot of tourists and in late afternoon there is sometimes a problem to find a free lodge. But the day spent here doesn´t need to be considered as „lost“. In its surroundings are a lot of interesting places. For example:

  • The ancient village Bhraka
  • Ascent to the frozen lake Kicho tal
  • Gompa Bojo
  • Beautiful glacial lake Gangapurna Tal
  • The best trip from Manang is to the amazing lake Tilicho. Here, however, count with at least two extra days.
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Visit of Bhraka
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Trek to Tilicho lake

From Manang to Thorong Phedi

The relatively short distance between Manang and Thorong Phedi is usually walked, mainly from acclimatization reasons, two days with overnight stay either in Yak Kharka (4 035 m asl) or in Ledar (4 220 m asl).

  • TIP: At this stage is possible trip from Ledar through the valley below Chulu West (6 419 m asl) to BC. In case you would like to undertake the ascent to this mountain, count with at least 4 days (Ledar-BC, BC-HC, HC-top-HC, return).
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Hike Yak Kharka - Thorong Phedi

Crossing the pass Thorong la

Before you is finally the crossing of the highest point on the trek – the pass Thorong la (5 416 m asl) clenched between the peaksYakwakang (6 482 m asl) andThorong Peak (6 144 m asl). Most tourists choose before the crossing of the pass free acclimatization day in Thorong Pedi, alias Thorong BC, or ascend to High Camp in order have it shorter the next day, but they run the risk of being sick during the night at High Camp. After a long descent from the pass you reach the place of pilgrimage Muktinah. Part of tourists already end their journey here and go from there by jeep to Jomsom and on by air or by bus to Pokhara.

  • TIP: Also here are possibilities of short but nice trips around the neighborhood. Either to the outlook point directly above High Camp or along the moraine below the mountain Syagang.
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Hike across Thorong la pass
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