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399 m / 1 309 ft
Ascent to Zebin cz
Update: 07.03.2018

Ascent to Zebin

Beautiful symmetrical hill Zebin (399 m asl) with interesting quarry and old chapel on the top dominates Jicin valley and can be seen virtually from everywhere…
2 260 m / 7 415 ft
Trip Marrakech - Ouarzazate ma
Update: 08.12.2017

Trip Marrakech - Ouarzazate

One of the most beautiful car trips from Marrakech is the crossing of the High Atlas over the pass Tizi-n-Tichka. On the other side of the mountains invite you…
1 200 m / 3 937 ft
White Sands National Monument nmus

White Sands National Monument

Somewhere far, hidden between the mountains, there is a bloody bride. It's all in white, as the brides are usually, and it's also a little treacherous and…
530 m / 1 739 ft
Wasserlochklamm gorge at

Wasserlochklamm gorge

Wasserlochklamm gorge is located on the beautiful Salza river. The gorge is only 900 meters long, but with its several waterfalls I rank it among the most…
808 m / 2 651 ft
Rice terraces in Batad ph

Rice terraces in Batad

Batad is a village in the middle of the mountains, boasting with beautiful rice terraces. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
10 m / 33 ft
Trip to Tulum mx
Update: 20.05.2017

Trip to Tulum

The entrance gate to relatively untouched strip of beautiful Caribbean coast with white sands is a provincial town of Tulum. You will not find here much of…
1 629 m / 5 344 ft
Skazka Canyon kg

Skazka Canyon

From Karakol we return back to Bishkek by the southern route and visit the canyon of Skazka (perhaps known only for tourists). Local people do not have any…
305 m / 1 001 ft
View from Valdice tower cz
Update: 06.04.2017

View from Valdice tower

52 m high Valdice tower not only dominates Wallenstein Square, but basically the whole Jičín. It is also a nice viewpoint of the entire town and its…
678 m / 2 224 ft
Outlook places around Jičín cz
Update: 05.04.2017

Outlook places around Jičín

If you like nice views without any bigger effort, then the trip around hills, mostly old volcanoes around Jičín, is ideal for you. In one day you can see both…