If you like traveling by car, definitely you have liked even ride through beautiful landscape with many prospects. Ideal for this activity are mountain roads. In South America and Tibet you can go even higher than 5,000 meters above sea level by car and you can simply do your own altitude record. Here in we'll give you tips on interesting roads that you can drive through.

2 260 m / 7 415 ft
Trip Marrakech - Ouarzazate ma
Update: 08.12.2017

Trip Marrakech - Ouarzazate

One of the most beautiful car trips from Marrakech is the crossing of the High Atlas over the pass Tizi-n-Tichka. On the other side of the mountains invite you…
678 m / 2 224 ft
Outlook places around Jičín cz
Update: 05.04.2017

Outlook places around Jičín

If you like nice views without any bigger effort, then the trip around hills, mostly old volcanoes around Jičín, is ideal for you. In one day you can see both…
2 050 m / 6 726 ft
Trip to gorges Dades and Todra ma

Trip to gorges Dades and Todra

One day trip to gorges Dades and Todra belongs definitely to one of the most beautiful Moroccan trips. You will see here beautiful green oasis at the bottom of…
4 600 m / 15 092 ft
Drive in Kingdom of lagoons bo
Update: 16.05.2015

Drive in Kingdom of lagoons

Roughly halfway between the large lagoon Colorado and giant salar Uyuni is a beautiful place, where several altiplano beautiful lagoons surrounded by a number…
-415 m / -1 362 ft
Along the Dead Sea jo

Along the Dead Sea

You can get from the rock town Petra to Amman quickly along the Desert Highway. But more interesting, however, is the route through the town Karak with the…
5 360 m / 17 585 ft
Trip to lake Pangong tso ld

Trip to lake Pangong tso

One of the nicest trips you can undertake in Ladakh, is to lake Pangong tso. Along the way you will cross more than five thousand meters above sea level high…
5 360 m / 17 585 ft
Drive over Chang la pass ld

Drive over Chang la pass

If you want to get to the stunning lake Pangong tso, one of the biggest attractions of Ladakh, then awaits you a long way over Ladack mountains culminating in…
2 344 m / 7 690 ft
Drive Kisoro - Kabale ug

Drive Kisoro - Kabale

The main road from Kabale to Kisoro (about 70 km) and on to the border with Congo is not only an important connection between this part with the rest of the…
5 530 m / 18 143 ft
Trip to Suge la pass tib

Trip to Suge la pass

Trip to pass Suge la with a beautiful view on the glacial peak of seven thousand high Qiongmo Kangri beautifully follows a trip to lake Namtso, but even so it…