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319 m / 1 047 ft
Visit of Xian (西安市) cn

Visit of Xian (西安市)

The ancient city of Xian (also written by Si-an) has been spoken for over 3,000 years. It is one of the most prominent places in China's rich history, with 11…
2 227 m / 7 306 ft
Visit of Li-ťiang (丽江市) cn

Visit of Li-ťiang (丽江市)

Li Jiang is a remarkably preserved ancient Chinese city on the border of Tibet, lined with the culture of Tibetan Naxi ethnicity. The path of 800 years old…
678 m / 2 224 ft
Outlook places around Jičín cz
Update: 05.04.2017

Outlook places around Jičín

If you like nice views without any bigger effort, then the trip around hills, mostly old volcanoes around Jičín, is ideal for you. In one day you can see both…
270 m / 886 ft
Visit of Jičín cz
Update: 02.08.2016

Visit of Jičín

All major sights that can be seen in Jicin, are located near a large Wallenstein Square and along the pedestrian Hus street. The most famous landmarks are…
670 m / 2 198 ft
Visit of Alcaudete and

Visit of Alcaudete

Alcaudete (670 m asl) is a small town located roughly halfway between large Andalusian cities of Granada and Córdoba. In addition, there is also a nice castle,…
495 m / 1 624 ft
Visit of Tabernas and

Visit of Tabernas

The town of Tabernas (400m asl) is located right in the middle of the desert in the small valley hemmed in between two low ridges. In the town itself is…
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Visit of Chipiona and

Visit of Chipiona

Chipiona is a popular swimming resort just off the mouth of significant Spanish river Guadalquivir and Doñana National Park. During off-season it looks a…
1 320 m / 4 331 ft
Travel through Kathmandu valley np

Travel through Kathmandu valley

Most tourists to Nepal reserve a few days for the case of unexpected circumstances and they usually spend them in Kathmandu or in its vicinity. It is quite…
830 m / 2 723 ft
Amman jo


If you arrive to Jordan by air, your first and last stop will probably be in Amman. It does not offer much except for the historic center with Romanesque…