The biggest deserts of the world:

  • Sahara
  • Arabian Desert
  • Gobi
  • Kalahari
1 200 m / 3 937 ft
White Sands National Monument nmus

White Sands National Monument

Somewhere far, hidden between the mountains, there is a bloody bride. It's all in white, as the brides are usually, and it's also a little treacherous and…
305 m / 1 001 ft
Hike around Tabernas desert and

Hike around Tabernas desert

You can undertake a number of interesting short or long walks in the vast desert Desierto de Tabernas. Among one of the most accessible is the one beginning…
1 270 m / 4 167 ft
Drive Tehran - Qom - Kashan ir

Drive Tehran - Qom - Kashan

The typical circuit around Iran leads from Tehran along a nice highway No.7 (Persian Gulf road) to the southwest direction. The bus will do two hundred and…
1 550 m / 5 085 ft
Drive Ouarzazate - M´Gouna ma

Drive Ouarzazate - M´Gouna

Less than one hundred kilometer between Ouarzazate and M'Gouna leads through, in these places still wide, valley of river Dades surrounded on both sides by two…
1 720 m / 5 643 ft
Visit of Chak Chak ir

Visit of Chak Chak

Chak Chak, the most sacred place of the ancient religion Zoroastrianism, lies hidden in the mountains strongly reminiscent of the famous Jordanian desert Wadi…
1 693 m / 5 554 ft
Through the valley of river Draa ma

Through the valley of river Draa

More difficult one-day car trip along the longest river in Morocco promises beautiful views of the oases along its shores, old castles, sand dunes, vast table…
680 m / 2 231 ft
Drive across Jbel Bani to Mhamid ma

Drive across Jbel Bani to Mhamid

The way to Mhamid, which lies at the end of N9 road, leads through desolate mountains Jbel Bani. Draa river flows in these areas only as a seasonal stream and…
750 m / 2 461 ft
Trip to Erg Chebbi ma

Trip to Erg Chebbi

Erg Chebbi, the area of beautiful giant sand dunes in the south of the country near the border with Algeria attracts almost every visitor to Morocco. On the…
1 030 m / 3 379 ft
Wadi Rum III. jo

Wadi Rum III.

The trip continues through interesting landscape with another two rock bridges reminiscent of more than 12,000 kilometers distant National Park Arches in the…