The most beautiful places in Iran

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The most beautiful places in Iran
Inserted: 15.03.2018
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Iran is a vast, mostly desert country offering huge number of monuments. There is no wonder, it was the center of the mighty Persian Empire. Come and see the most interesting places in this relatively little-visited country


The most beautiful city of Iran

| Altitude: 1 215 m / 3 986 ft

The ancient city of Yazd (1 215m asl) is located on the border of two giant Iranian deserts surrounded by… continue reading


The highest volcano of Asia

| Altitude: 5 610 m / 18 406 ft

Damavnad (5,610m) is not only the highest mountain in Iran, but also the highest volcano in Asia. Therefore,… continue reading


Red city under the mountains

| Altitude: 2 220 m / 7 283 ft

Abyaneh (2 220m asl) is a very picturesque town lost in the middle of a mountain at the end of a long valley.… continue reading


The most visited Iranian city

| Altitude: 1 571 m / 5 154 ft

Esfahan is the third largest city in Iran, and it is one of the most visited places in the country. In the… continue reading


The capital of the Persian Empire

| Altitude: 1 634 m / 5 361 ft

A short distance from the large city of Shiraz lies the former center of the mighty Persian Empire and the… continue reading


A city full of monuments

| Altitude: 945 m / 3 100 ft

Kashan has roughly a quarter million inhabitants. There is a large bazaar and a lots of beautiful sights such… continue reading


The ruins of the desert town

| Altitude: 1 758 m / 5 768 ft

Khanaraq (1 765m asl) lies 80km away from Yazd and you can easily get there during a one-day trip. These are… continue reading

Naqsh-e Rustam Tombs

Tombs of Persian Kings

| Altitude: 1 642 m / 5 387 ft

The impressive tombs of the most prominent Persian kings, along with rock reliefs, are definitely worth… continue reading

Lar Lake

Beautiful Lake under Damavand volcano

| Altitude: 2 475 m / 8 120 ft

The lake, or the Lar dam (2,475m above sea level), lies directly under the monumental volcano Dámavand. Most… continue reading

Narin Castle

The oldest Iranian castle

| Altitude: 1 104 m / 3 622 ft

Narin Castle is considered to be the oldest Iranian castle. You can find it in the town of Meybod, which has… continue reading


The capital of Iran

| Altitude: 1 160 m / 3 806 ft

Tehran has almost eight million inhabitants and is the largest city in Iran. It lies just south of the mighty… continue reading

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