The most beautiful hikes in Mala Fatra

The best of Malá Fatra

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The most beautiful hikes in Mala Fatra
Inserted: 28.08.2020

Malá Fatra is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful mountains in Slovakia, it also seems to be the most beautiful mountain in the country – Velký Rozsutec. Here you will find bare ridges with amazing views, wild gorges and limestone rocks. In addition to the ridge, you can take another number of beautiful tours here

Summer ascent to Veľký Rozsutec

Small circuit in Malá Fatra

| Altitude: 1 609 m / 5 279 ft

A tip for more demanding tourists how to spend the whole day in Malá Fatra and experience both the grassy… continue reading

Winter ascent to Velký Rozsutec

Ascent to the most beautiful Slovak mountain

| Altitude: 1 609 m / 5 279 ft

The ascent to this impressive mountain begins with a friend in the village of Štefanová from the parking lot… continue reading

Crossing Lúčanská Malá Fatra

Trek in the neighborhood of the more famous Malá Fatra

| Altitude: 791 m / 2 595 ft

Malá Fatra is divided by the river Váh into two parts into Malá Fatra (Kriváňská Malá Fatra) and Lúčanská… continue reading

Hike to the Šutov waterfall

The highest waterfall in Malá Fatra

| Altitude: 830 m / 2 723 ft

Šutov Waterfall is located in the Šutov Valley at an altitude of 830 meters. Its waters fall from a height of… continue reading

Sharp and Arrow

Small peaks of Malá Fatra

| Altitude: 1 141 m / 3 743 ft

Stankovany, a village lying between the two peaks and the starting point of the trip. The peaks reach… continue reading

Hike Terchová - Baraniarky - Kraviarské

On the way of bandits

| Altitude: 586 m / 1 923 ft

Perhaps every nation has its own hero. In Slovakia, he is a rebel bandit who took from the rich and gave to… continue reading

Ascent to Malý Rozsutec

In a less usual way

| Altitude: 1 344 m / 4 409 ft

The ascent to Malý Rozsutec (possibly connected with the ascent to Velký Rozsutec) is one of the most… continue reading

Trip to the Old Castle

Ruins on the outskirts of Mala Fatra

| Altitude: 427 m / 1 401 ft

If you go, for example, to the High or Low Tatras and drive through Žilina further to Rožumberok, you will… continue reading

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