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The most beautiful hikes in Teide National Park

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The most beautiful hikes in Teide National Park
Inserted: 20.02.2021
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The whole center of the island of Tenerife is occupied by an inhospitable volcanic caldera from which rises the highest mountain in Spain – Pico del Teide. The whole caldera then belongs to the national park. The hikes lead not only to the highest peak of the island but also to the mountains on the edges of the caldera. Let's see what to do here for beautiful hikes

Ascent to Pico del Teide

Ascent to the highest mountain in Spain

| Altitude: 3 718 m / 12 198 ft

Pico del Teide, currently an inactive stratovolcano 7,500 meters high (from the bottom of the Atlantic; the… continue reading

Crossing over the Pico Viejo

The best in the volcanic landscape

| Altitude: 3 555 m / 11 663 ft

This hike is very tempting, because it takes you almost to the top of Pico de Teide (possibly up to it),… continue reading

Ascent to Guajara

An inconspicuous peak

| Altitude: 2 710 m / 8 891 ft

The ascent to this 2,718-meter-high peak begins at the Cañada Blanca information center, while the descent… continue reading

Hike around Roques de Garcia

Hiking near God's finger

| Altitude: 2 190 m / 7 185 ft

For most visitors, Roques de Garcia is just a view of the Pico de Teide over the Rock of God's Finger.… continue reading

Arenas Negras

On the edge of the central caldera

| Altitude: 2 054 m / 6 739 ft

A circular route through the eastern part of the central caldera will take us into an attractive volcanic… continue reading

Ascent on Montana Reventada

To the foot of stratovolcano through vol

| Altitude: 2 231 m / 7 320 ft

Ascent to Montana Reventada is an ideal acclimatization hike, during which you ascend to a height of 2,231… continue reading

Hike to Las Narices del Teide

Teide´s nostrils

| Altitude: 3 022 m / 9 915 ft

The ascent to the holes, through which used to „breathe“ the stratovolcano Pico de Teide, can be a trial… continue reading

Ascent to Refugio de Altavista

Ascent below the highest mountain in Spain

| Altitude: 3 260 m / 10 696 ft

The ascent to the highest mountain in Spain – Pico de Teide (3,718 m above sea level) is undoubtedly one of… continue reading

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