Through Velká Studená a Velická valley

Over Prielom and Polský hrebeň

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Through Velká Studená a Velická valley
Inserted: 21.08.2014
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From Starý Smokovec you can set out for one of the most beautiful hikes in the High Tatras leading up Velká Studené dolina (“Great Cold valley”) to Zbojnická chata (“lit. Brigand hut”) and on over nice pass Prielom and Polský hrebeň (“Polish ridge”). The best on this hike can be the ascent to Východná Vysoká (2 428 m asl) from Polský hrebeň. The descent back leads through Velická dolina to Sliezský dom (lit.”Silesian house”) and on to Starý Smokovec. The hike is difficult especially for its length and elevation.

The ascent to Zbojická chata

At the beginning of the hike in Stary Smokovec, you must decide whether you will walk the first part of the ascent to Hriebenok or you take the funicular railway. From there awaits you a long ascent through Velká Studená dolina to Zbojnická chata (1 960 m asl) surrounded by beautiful mountain lakes.


Hike Through Velká Studená dolina

From Hrebienok to Zbojnická chata

| Altitude: 1 960 m / 6 430 ft

The path from Hrebienok (1285 m asl) through Velká Studená dolina (= Great Cold Valley) to Zbojnická chata (=… continue reading

Prielom, Polský hrebeň and Východná Vysoká

After a short rest at Zbojnická chata awaits you truly high mountain part of this hike. First ascent secured with chains to a small and wild pass Prielom, then traverse of the end of Litvorová dolina (valley) and finally a short ascent to the next pass Polský hrebeň. From there you can set out to the highest point of this hike – Východná Vysoká.


Hike across Prielom pass to the Polish ridge

Connection of three valleys

| Altitude: 2 288 m / 7 507 ft

Prielom (2,288 m) is a wild mountain pass with a beautiful view of the mountain lakes at the end of Velká… continue reading

Ascent to Vychodna Vysoka

View up to Belianky

| Altitude: 2 428 m / 7 966 ft

The best hike among long and difficult hikes through Velka Studena dolina (“Great Cold Valley”), Velicka or… continue reading

Descent through Velická dolina

Then await you long descent through Velická dolina around Dlhé and Velické pleso (mountain lakes). Along the way is also small Velický vodopád (waterfall). From Slezský dom (the starting point for the highest mountain not only in the High Tatras, but also all over the Carpathians – Gerlachovsky štít) you will continue to descend through the former forest to Stary Smokovec.



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