Trip to Podtrosecké valley

Trip to Podtrosecké valley

Beautiful lakes below Trosky

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Time: 1 Day

One of the best one-day trips in the Bohemian Paradise is to the castle Trosky and Podtrosecké valley deep below it with eight nice ponds. You can undertake a variety of interesting circuits in this area, but the most typical one leads along the most beautiful of the local ponds - Věžák.


Traditional circuit

Typical circuilt through Podtrosecé valley combines seeing the castle Trosky and the circuit along lakes Věžák, Krčák, Podsemínský and Nebákov.


Article: Tour of Castle Trosky

Castle of two towers

If you come to the Bohemian Paradise, visit of the castle Trosky is nearly obligations. Besides, it's such a symbol throughout the protected area, it is also a beautiful view far and wide. Custom tour is relatively short, there are to explore in fact only two observation towers.


Article: Hike Podtrosecke valley

Along lakes and sandstone rocks

One of the most romantic hiking trips in the Czech Paradise is a circuit in Podtrosecke udoli (= Valley under Trosky“) around ponds Vezak, Vidlak, Krcak, Podseminsky and Nebakov, or others. From most of them tower sandstone rocks typical for this area. You will also walk around old mills and wells with good drinking water and early in the spring you can admire here carpets of snowflakes. There are also a lot of very nice views of the castle Trosky (“The Ruins”).

Short or adventurous route along Věžák

If you have little time or just want to see the most beautiful part of the valley, you can undertake a short walk along the northern side of the pond Věžák and then come back. The adventurous o­nes can try to bypass the entire pond and walk around its wild south side.


Article: Walk along Věžák

The most beautiful part of the Podtrosec

One of the most beautiful parts of the Czech Paradise is Podtrosecké valley (“Valley under Trosky”) - a combination of sandstone towers and local ponds are doing here really charming hideaways. Additionally, you can combine this walk with a visit to the beautiful ruins and a symbol of the Czech Paradise – Trosky (“The Ruins”). If you do not have much time or do not want to walk around the whole Podtrosecké Valley (10.5 km), you can make this short walk around the Věžický pond, where are the most beautiful sceneries.

Other variants

The circuit can be extended (and by that see all the ponds), if you:

  • do not walk from the crossroads Vidlák right to Trosky, but set out along the yellow hiking trail around the ponds Hrudka and Rokytnice up to Borek and from there along the blue trail to Trosky
  • not walk from Trosky directly to Nebákov, but first to Dolní Mlýn and from there along the canceled hiking trail along the pond

Article: Hike Dolní Mlýn - Nebákov

Along the canceled tourist trail

Dolní mlýn (lit. “Lower mill”) is a picturesque place at the pond Doly on the way between Mladějov and Trosky. But this report will describe a way along the pond Nebákov. Also here once led marked tourist path, but it gradually become desolate and was canceled. You can meet here even in the greatest season only a few tourists, which is very unique for the Czech Paradise.


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