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The most beautiful tours of the Bohemian Paradise

The best of tourism in the Bohemian Paradise

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The most beautiful tours of the Bohemian Paradise
Updated: 14.05.2020

Bohemian Paradise is a promised area for tourists. Here you will find beautiful trails through the famous rock towns, breathtaking views of the Jizera Canyon or lots of volcanic hills with great views of this beautiful area.

The Golden Trail of the Bohemian Paradise

Classic tour Jičín - Turnov

| Altitude: 441 m / 1 447 ft

The Golden Trail of the Bohemian Paradise is by far the most classic hike in this picturesque area. Along the… continue reading

The short circuit in Prachov rocks

The Most Beautiful Trail in the Prachov rocks

| Altitude: 462 m / 1 516 ft

The most beautiful circuit in Prachovské skály (“Prachov rocks”) leads you through the biggest attractions… continue reading

Hike through the rocks of Hruboskalsko

Walk in the interior of rocks

| Altitude: 400 m / 1 312 ft

Compared with entirely relaxing walk along the red tourist trail from Hrubá Skála to Wallenstein (“Valdštejn”… continue reading

Hike Podtrosecke valley

Along lakes and sandstone rocks

| Altitude: 350 m / 1 148 ft

One of the most romantic hiking trips in the Czech Paradise is a circuit in Podtrosecke udoli (= Valley under… continue reading

Hike through Drábské světničky and Klamorna

Rock castles of Příhrazské rocks

| Altitude: 333 m / 1 093 ft

The hike from Krásná vyhlídka through Drábské světničky and Klamorna is one of the most visited parts of the… continue reading

Hike along the Rieger Trail

Through the beautiful Jizera canyon

| Altitude: 335 m / 1 099 ft

The Rieger Trail is one of the most beautiful „river“ tours you can undertake in the Czech Republic. The most… continue reading

Walk Hrubá Skála - Wallenstein

The easiest trip in Hruboskalsko

| Altitude: 410 m / 1 345 ft

Three and a half kilometer long walk from Hrubá Skála to the castle Wallenstein (“Valdštejn”) is one the most… continue reading

Besedice rocks circuit

The most beautiful hike in the Maloskalsko region

| Altitude: 473 m / 1 552 ft

Besedice rocks are only a small rock town, but full of interest. Apart from the rock towers and narrow… continue reading

Walk around the castle Kost

Castle situated in a picturesque place

| Altitude: 280 m / 919 ft

One of the most beautiful Czech castles Kost (“The Bone”) stands on a sandstone promontory at the confluence… continue reading

Hike in Klokočske skaly

Rock outlook balcony

| Altitude: 425 m / 1 394 ft

Klokoci rocks towering high above the valley of river Jizera is unjustly neglected small rock town in the… continue reading

Hike Plakanek valley

Picturesque valley leading to the castle

| Altitude: 300 m / 984 ft

The walk around Plakanek valley offer views of sandstone rocks towering above the ponds. The way begins in… continue reading

Walk around hill Zebín

Around the most beautiful hill around Ji

| Altitude: 325 m / 1 066 ft

One of the most popular short trips from Jičín is the way around nice symmetrical hill Zebín lying just… continue reading

Hike Hrubý Rohozec - Frýdštejn

From the castle to the rock castle

| Altitude: 423 m / 1 388 ft

A perfect hike over the Jizera valley will take you through the lesser-known rock town of Drábovna. Moreover,… continue reading

Hike along the Dry Rocks

The most rugged ridge of the Bohemian Paradise

| Altitude: 465 m / 1 526 ft

Dry rocks, also known as Kantor's organ, are a popular destination for climbers. There are significantly… continue reading

Hike through Stará Hrada

On the lookout balcony of the Příhrazské rocks

| Altitude: 343 m / 1 125 ft

The transition between Příhrazy and Na Krásné vyhlídce is definitely one of the most beautiful hiking trails… continue reading

Walk along Věžák

The most beautiful part of the Podtrosec

| Altitude: 270 m / 886 ft

One of the most beautiful parts of the Czech Paradise is Podtrosecké valley (“Valley under Trosky”) – a… continue reading

Hike Kamenický trail

High above the Jizera canyon

| Altitude: 525 m / 1 722 ft

The most famous part of the Kamenický trail starts in Spálov and despite many, unfortunately often overgrown… continue reading

Hike through Borecký rocks

A forgotten rock town

| Altitude: 360 m / 1 181 ft

Directly at the eastern entrance to the Podtrosecký valley, between the magnets of the Bohemian Paradise –… continue reading

Hike through the Pond

March from Brad to Prachovské skal

| Altitude: 464 m / 1 522 ft

The best route from Jičín to Prachovské skal culminates in an ascent to the top of Přivýšina (464 m above sea… continue reading

Walk Troskovice - castle Trosky

A walk under the symbol of the Bohemian Paradise

| Altitude: 488 m / 1 601 ft

Although most visitors to Trosky Castle use the parking lot directly below it, or visit it as part of longer… continue reading

Hike Dolní Mlýn - Nebákov

Along the canceled tourist trail

| Altitude: 325 m / 1 066 ft

Dolní mlýn (lit. “Lower mill”) is a picturesque place at the pond Doly on the way between Mladějov and Trosky… continue reading

Hike Mnichovo Hradiště - Mohelnice n. Jizerou

Hike through Káčov

| Altitude: 257 m / 843 ft

Although the biggest magnets around Mnichovo Hradiště are the famous Drábské světničky, the best hike… continue reading

Hike Jicin - Brada

Start of the trek around the Czech Paradise

| Altitude: 439 m / 1 440 ft

If you would like to undertake the most famous trip around the Czech Paradise, so the crossing around all the… continue reading

Hike Valdštejn Castle - Turnov

Road through Hlavatice

| Altitude: 410 m / 1 345 ft

The journey from Valdštejn Castle is the last stage of the crossing of the Bohemian Paradise along the Golden… continue reading

Hike around Tábor

Nice trip with lots of views

| Altitude: 679 m / 2 228 ft

The top of Tábor is a popular destination for excursionists, it is no wonder that the road leads to the very… continue reading

Hike Spálov - Nouzov - Semily

Hike to the views of the Giant Mountains

| Altitude: 508 m / 1 667 ft

Spálov is a small village located on the famous tourist circuit leading from Semily along the Rieger Trail… continue reading

Hike Valečov - Sacrificial stone - Reservoirs

Hike through the mysterious places of the Příhrazské rocks

| Altitude: 308 m / 1 010 ft

The hike from Valečov over the mysterious sacrificial stone, the Hynšta prayer house to the beautiful views… continue reading

Tourist circuit above Košov

A view of the whole of northern Bohemia

| Altitude: 647 m / 2 123 ft

Despite the fact that through Košice one of the branches of the Golden Trail leads through the Bohemian… continue reading

Walk Mladějov - Dolní Mlýn

Walk to the picturesque pond

| Altitude: 269 m / 883 ft

Less than a two-kilometer route from Mladějov to Dolský rybník can be for some only a short part of the… continue reading

Hike Osek - Střehomský Plakánek

A walk around the fairytale mill in Střehom

| Altitude: 256 m / 840 ft

The most famous starting point to the Plakánek valley is Kost Castle or the folk village of Vesec. However,… continue reading

Hike Jičín - Railway - Tábor

From the Jičín basin to the ridge

| Altitude: 426 m / 1 398 ft

The hike from Jičín to Tábor is a pleasant hike, where you can get from the Jičín basin to beautiful views of… continue reading

Ascent to Mladějovská horka

Little-known view not only of the Ruins

| Altitude: 363 m / 1 191 ft

Directly above Mladějov rises a slightly inconspicuous hill – Mladějovská horka (363 m above sea level). Even… continue reading

Hike Všeň - Kozlov - Kacanovy and back

At the very end of the Bohemian Paradise

| Altitude: 284 m / 932 ft

You can get to know the village of Všeň from a distance thanks to the huge church of St. Philip and James… continue reading

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