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The most beautiful trips in Central Bohemia

The most beautiful trips around Prague

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The most beautiful trips in Central Bohemia
Updated: 16.11.2020
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Surprisingly, you can take dozens of beautiful trips in Central Bohemia. However, it also extends partly into the Bohemian Paradise, the Kokořín region, the Bohemian Karst, the Křivoklát region, the Brdy and the picturesque Posázaví. No matter which direction you go, you will always find an interesting location. Let's take a look at the best trips around Prague

A tour of Kutná Hora

Silver city tour

| Altitude: 270 m / 886 ft

The trip to the historic mining town of Kutná Hora is divided for tourists into two parts – the Sedlec area,… continue reading

Hike to the quarries of the Bohemian Karst and Karlštejn

Not just Great America and the Imperial Castle

| Altitude: 410 m / 1 345 ft

One of the most interesting trails in the Bohemian Karst leads from the monumental Karlštejn Castle to the… continue reading

Road to Solenická Podkov

A trip to the second most famous view of the Vltava

| Altitude: 437 m / 1 434 ft

The Solenická podkova lookout is probably the second most famous view of the Vltava (after the May lookout).… continue reading

Tour of Kokořín Castle

The heart of the Kokorin region

| Altitude: 299 m / 981 ft

The most visited place in the whole Kokořín region is undoubtedly the Kokořín castle, built on a sandstone… continue reading

Davle - Kamenny Privoz

The best part of Posazava trail

| Altitude: 280 m / 919 ft

The best part of Posazava trail (= around river Sazava) is located near the confluence of river Sazava with… continue reading

A tour of the Holy Mountain near Příbram

A trip to the most important place of pilgrimage in Bohemia

| Altitude: 576 m / 1 890 ft

To the southeast of the center of Příbram you will find the most important Marian pilgrimage site in Bohemia… continue reading

A tour of Drábské světničky

Beautiful views from the rock castle

| Altitude: 375 m / 1 230 ft

A tour of the Drábská světnička rock castle is not exactly intended for those who have problems with steep… continue reading

A tour of Mnichovo Hradiště Castle

The last resting place of Albrecht of Wallenstein

| Altitude: 240 m / 787 ft

Mnichovo Hradiště Castle is one of our rarest castles. Originally a Renaissance chateau, Václav Budovec from… continue reading

A tour of the Žleby chateau

Romantic building and adjacent park

| Altitude: 250 m / 820 ft

The chateau is located in the village of the same name Žleby, on the border of the Central Bohemian and… continue reading

A tour of the Kačina chateau

Empire gem

| Altitude: 225 m / 738 ft

Kačina Castle is unique among Czech castles. It is the most important building of Empire architecture in… continue reading

In the heart of America

When Hagen opens his gates

| Altitude: 341 m / 1 119 ft

It will probably be difficult to find more famous quarries than Quarries of America. There are many myths… continue reading

A tour of the Zruč nad Sázavou chateau

The castle, including the castle grounds

| Altitude: 355 m / 1 165 ft

The town of Zruč nad Sázavou, in the center of which is a chateau, including the chateau grounds, is located… continue reading

Devil's heads

Rocky statues near Želíz

| Altitude: 214 m / 702 ft

In the Central Bohemian region near Mělník, more precisely above the village of Želízy, you will find this… continue reading

Tour of Cologne

Historic town on the Elbe

| Altitude: 220 m / 722 ft

At the eastern end of Central Bohemia lies the city of Kolín, which is more than 30,000 in size. The city is… continue reading

Hike Mnichovo Hradiště - Mohelnice n. Jizerou

Hike through Káčov

| Altitude: 257 m / 843 ft

Although the biggest magnets around Mnichovo Hradiště are the famous Drábské světničky, the best hike… continue reading

A tour of Valečov and its surroundings

Rock castle and rooms

| Altitude: 320 m / 1 050 ft

One of the most interesting places to visit in Příhrazské skaly is the ruins of the rock castle Valečov.… continue reading

Visit to Mělník

A city towering over the confluence

| Altitude: 174 m / 571 ft

Mělník is a town in the Central Bohemian Region located on a promontory above the confluence of the Elbe and… continue reading

Tour of Berchtold Castle

A pleasant trip for the whole family

| Altitude: 378 m / 1 240 ft

The first mention of the local manor house dates back to 1388, when it was owned by Vavřinec of Vidovice. It… continue reading

Military Brdy

North part

| Altitude: 557 m / 1 827 ft

After years, I visited Brdy at the relatively newly created Brdy Protected Landscape Area. Where we went from… continue reading

A tour of the Komorní hrádek castle

An option that only occurs one day a year

| Altitude: 366 m / 1 201 ft

The chamber castle was built by Rack Kobyla from Dvorec in 1412 as a replacement for the conquered Čejchanov… continue reading

War camp

Camp of political prisoners

| Altitude: 585 m / 1 919 ft

The camp, built after World War II by German prisoners of war, has been preserved almost in its original form… continue reading

From Konopiště to Poříčí nad Sázavou

Walk along the Konopišť brook

| Altitude: 338 m / 1 109 ft

A beautiful, undemanding 8 km long walk near Prague is a walking trail lining the Konopišť brook. The journey… continue reading

Ascent to Male

Ascent to the highest peak of Příhrazské rocks

Altitude: 437 m / 1 434 ft

The Mužský hill (463 m above sea level) is the highest point of the Příhrazské rocks. Up close, it is just an… continue reading

Bohemian forest

Haunted forest in the valley of the Medenický stream

| Altitude: 355 m / 1 165 ft

Medenický stream is only 12.5 km and then flows into the river Klejnárka. There were several mills on the… continue reading

Walk around Sazava monastery

Center of slavic education

| Altitude: 310 m / 1 017 ft

The ancient Slavic monastery associated with St. Procopius rises directly above the river of Sazava. The… continue reading

A tour of the Lysá nad Labem chateau

A neglected castle of a famous city

| Altitude: 217 m / 712 ft

The castle was created by renaissance reconstruction of the original Gothic castle in the 16th century, which… continue reading

A tour of Stará Boleslav

City tour of St. Wenceslas

| Altitude: 172 m / 564 ft

One of the most important places of pilgrimage in the Czech Republic – Stará Boleslav – stands right next to… continue reading

Tour of the Loučeň chateau

Informative and fun tour

| Altitude: 253 m / 830 ft

The local history dates back to 1226. Among the most famous owners of the estate are, for example. Albrecht… continue reading

Tour of Přerov nad Labem

A small town full of attractions

| Altitude: 183 m / 600 ft

Přerov nad Labem is a village in the district of Nymburk. Archaeological finds document the settlement of the… continue reading

A tour of the ruins of Michalovice Castle

An interesting ruin above the Jizera

| Altitude: 237 m / 778 ft

At the northwestern end of Mladá Boleslav you will find an interesting ruin of the Michalovice castle above… continue reading

Bike trip around the Křivoklát region

From Zbiroh to Rakovník

| Altitude: 379 m / 1 243 ft

A cycle trip through the beautiful and wild Křivoklát landscape leads from the Zbiroh chateau through the… continue reading

Ascent to the Milada lookout tower

Lookout tower above Solenická podková

| Altitude: 487 m / 1 598 ft

Not far from the Orlík dam you will find the Krchov hill (489 m above sea level) and on its hill a nice… continue reading

A tour of Křivoklát Castle

The heart of Křivoklátsko

Altitude: 264 m / 866 ft

Křivoklát Castle is one of the oldest and most important Czech castles. Its origins date back to the 12th… continue reading

A tour of Rožmitál pod Třemšínem

A picturesque town at the foot of the Brdy, the place of work of Jakub Jan Ryba

Altitude: 520 m / 1 706 ft

Rožmitál pod Třemšínem is a town located about 15 km southwest of Příbram. The historic core of the city is a… continue reading

A tour of the Sázava Monastery

The third oldest male monastery in Bohemia

| Altitude: 310 m / 1 017 ft

The Sázava Monastery was founded in the 11th century. Prince Oldřich and the hermit Prokop were the main… continue reading

Tour of Filipov

Village in the style of English Gothic

Altitude: 269 m / 883 ft

Filipov is a village that became part of the town of Caslav (about 2.5 km southeast) in the district of Kutna… continue reading

Trip to Padrť ponds

Conveniently on foot or by bike through the most valuable part of Brd

Altitude: 635 m / 2 083 ft

A pair of large ponds in the intact landscape of the Brdy Protected Landscape Area became a very popular… continue reading

A tour of the Rataj nad Sázavou chateau

The castle is still neglected by tourists

| Altitude: 360 m / 1 181 ft

The first mention of Ratají nad Sázavou is from 1156, when there was a log-brick castle. The owners changed… continue reading

Visit of ruins Zbořený Kostelec

The outlook of Sázava

| Altitude: 300 m / 984 ft

Ruins Zbořený Kostelec attracts with its romantic location overlooking the river Sázava with a nice beech… continue reading

Hike Poříčí - Týnec nad Sázavou

Along Posazavska highway

| Altitude: 290 m / 951 ft

Twelve kilometer long walk from Porici to Tynec nad Sazavou leads most of the time along the Posazavska trail… continue reading


Instead of the bloodiest battle of the Hussite wars

Altitude: 307 m / 1 007 ft

The village of Lipany, located halfway from Prague to Kutná Hora, was first mentioned in 1360, in connection… continue reading

Bike trip in the west of the Central Bohemian Region

Along the rivers from Veltrus to the Bohemian Central Mountains

| Altitude: 175 m / 574 ft

A bike ride just 70 km along the western tip of the Central Bohemian Region is a great trip for culture and… continue reading

Milovice Nature Reserve

A journey into times long past

Altitude: 200 m / 656 ft

In earlier times, countless amazing creatures roamed our planet, which can rarely be seen today where or even… continue reading

A tour of the Smokes

A historic town with a well-preserved square and city walls

Altitude: 270 m / 886 ft

Kouřim is a town located east of Prague, about in the middle of the road between Prague and Kutná Hora. The… continue reading

A tour of Benátky nad Jizerou

A small town with a historic center above the Jizera

Altitude: 242 m / 794 ft

Right next to the highway connecting Prague with Mladá Boleslav you will find the small town of Benátky nad… continue reading

A tour of Brandýs nad Labem

A small town with a nice castle

Altitude: 188 m / 617 ft

Brandýs nad Labem can be found right next to the D10 motorway exit. It is the southern part of the… continue reading

Kouřim - fortified settlement Stará Kouřim

The largest early medieval fortification in Bohemia

Altitude: 287 m / 942 ft

The Stará Kouřim hill is located about a kilometer east of the town of Kouřim. Due to its very convenient… continue reading

Walk to Plešivec and surroundings

Or the complete edge of Brd

Altitude: 655 m / 2 149 ft

Plešivec Mountain with an altitude of 654 m above sea level is located in the Brdská Highlands above the… continue reading

A tour of Tetín

One of the oldest Czech villages with a rich history, three churches and beautiful surroun

Altitude: 287 m / 942 ft

The village of Tetín is located about 3 km southeast of Beroun. It is surrounded by karst areas with a… continue reading

Tour of Lysá nad Labem

City with a beautiful castle

Altitude: 190 m / 623 ft

Lysá nad Labem is mainly known for its exhibition grounds, but you can also take a nice sightseeing tour here… continue reading

A short hike from Přerov nad Labem

A pleasant walk through the Elbe

Altitude: 180 m / 591 ft

Přerov nad Labem is an ideal starting point for a walk through the landscape of the Elbe – you will see not… continue reading

Trip to Týřov

Romantic ruins above Berounka

| Altitude: 320 m / 1 050 ft

Týřov is one of the oldest castles in the Czech Republic. It is located in the heart of the Křivoklát region,… continue reading

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