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Instead of the bloodiest battle of the Hussite wars

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The village of Lipany, located halfway from Prague to Kutná Hora, was first mentioned in 1360, in connection with the Lipanský family from Lipany. A large number of lindens (Lipany – lindens) were planted in the wider area. Thus, next to the arboretums, this area became one of the places with the largest species diversity of linden trees in the Czech Republic.

Battle of Lipan

On May 30, 1434, between 3 and 4 p.m., between the villages of Hřiby and Leipzig Mountain, a combined force of radical Hussites (camps) and a radical group of Hussite towns and nobles (orphans) clashed against a coalition of moderate Kalisniks. In this fratricidal battle, the forces were balanced and the tactics were the same. That is why the governor of the coalition forces, Diviš Bořek from Miletín, decided to cheat. He pretended to retreat, luring radicals off the wagon wall. Suddenly, however, he turned around and, together with a hidden cavalry unit, suddenly attacked an uncovered carriage wall. The battle then turned into a massacre of radical party fighters, including leader Prokop Holý. peace.

Battle of Lipan
Author: Martin Javorský ©


On the northern slope of the Leipzig Mountain, a mound was ceremoniously unveiled on September 11, 1881, commemorating the victims of the fratricidal battle of Lipany. A chalice, a symbol of the Hussites, is inserted into the bricks. Every year, commemorative events are held regularly at the Lipanská mound. In February 1939, 23 Czechoslovak generals swore allegiance to the homeland, 15 of whom were executed in German axes and the remaining eight ended up in concentration camps or fled abroad.

Author: Martin Javorský ©

Lipany chateau

The simple castle was built at the end of the 18th century during the reign of Liechtenstein on the site of a defunct fortress. The building has a hip roof with a small turret. It never served the manor – it was a residence for the administrators and officials of the local farm. According to legend, the remains of the Hussite warlord Prokop Holý are buried in the garden.

Lipany chateau
Author: Martin Javorský ©
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