The most beautiful ascents to the volcanoes

The most beautiful trips to the volcanoes

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The most beautiful ascents to the volcanoes
Inserted: 10.09.2020

If you are fascinated by the volcanic landscape and at the same time you like mountain hikes, then the ideal combination is the ascents to beautiful volcanoes. Let's take a look at which volcanoes from all over the world you can easily climb and enjoy the breathtaking views

Night ascent to Acatenango volcano

Overlooking the raging Fuego

| Altitude: 3 616 m / 11 864 ft

The ascent to the volcano ** Acatenango ** should definitely not be missing from the list of a true… continue reading

Ascent to Bromo volcano

Ascent in volcanic clouds

| Altitude: 2 330 m / 7 644 ft

The second most popular short hike in the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park is the ascent to the Bromo… continue reading

Ascent to Licancabur Volcano

The most beautiful volcano far and wide

| Altitude: 5 960 m / 19 554 ft

Everyone who stops at the famous lookout over Laguna Verde admires the reflection of the beautiful volcano… continue reading

Ascent to Kilimanjaro

Ascent along the classic Marangu route

| Altitude: 5 895 m / 19 341 ft

Tanzania attracts travelers mainly to its world-famous safaris. However, there is also the highest mountain… continue reading

Ascent to Uturunc

Ascent to the simplest 6,000 in the world

| Altitude: 6 008 m / 19 711 ft

If you have ever been tempted to climb a mountain higher than six thousand meters above sea level, there is… continue reading

Ascent of Mount Damavand

To the highest volcano in Asia

| Altitude: 5 610 m / 18 406 ft

The ascent of the highest Asia's volcano Damavand is the most famous and also the most frequently walked hike… continue reading

Ascent to Mount Agung volcano

The highest mountain on the island of Bali

| Altitude: 3 031 m / 9 944 ft

Climbing the highest mountain and at the same time the volcano of the island of Bali is an unconventional… continue reading

Ascent to Fuji

The highest mountain in Japan - 3776 m above sea level

| Altitude: 3 728 m / 12 231 ft

The ascent to the highest mountain in Japan – Fuji, can be done along six access routes. We chose the… continue reading

Crossing of Mount Kenya

Across icy mountain at the equator

| Altitude: 4 985 m / 16 355 ft

The crossing of the highest mountain in the country – Mount Kenya is certainly the most interesting and… continue reading

Ascent to the volcano Merapi

Ascent to the deadly volcano

| Altitude: 2 930 m / 9 613 ft

Merapi Volcano, located practically in the middle of the most populous Indonesian island of Java, just 50… continue reading

Ascent to volcano Sabyinyo

Mountain on the border of three states

| Altitude: 3 645 m / 11 959 ft

Most tourists come to National Park Mgahinga because of the very rare mountain gorillas. But you can also… continue reading

The ascent to volcano San Pedro

King's view of Lake Atitlan

| Altitude: 3 020 m / 9 908 ft

The most accessible volcano near Lake Atitlan is San Pedro (3,020 m asl) monumentally towering above the town… continue reading

Ascent to Tongariro volcano

A short but beautiful sidetrip

| Altitude: 1 978 m / 6 490 ft

The ascent to Tongariro volcano is the second possible sidetrip on the beautiful one-day hike Tongariro… continue reading

Ascent to Pacaya volcano

Volcanic hike with roasting marshmallow

| Altitude: 2 563 m / 8 409 ft

Half-day trip to the volcano „Pacaya“: […lkan-pacaya/], which has been… continue reading

Ascent to Ngauruhoe volcano

To the most beautiful volcano in Mordor

| Altitude: 2 287 m / 7 503 ft

If the weather is nice and you have enough energy, you can extend the famous one-day March of the Tongariro… continue reading

Ascent to Mismi volcano

At the confluence of the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans

| Altitude: 5 625 m / 18 455 ft

Trek to the source of the Amazon II .: The second day of the march to the source of the Amazon is the most… continue reading

Mount Vesuvius

A devastating giant over Naples

Altitude: 1 260 m / 4 134 ft

Mount Vesuvius is a waiting threat to all living in the metropolitan area of Naples. In the past, it was this… continue reading

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