Crossing of Mount Kenya

Across icy mountain at the equator

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Crossing of Mount Kenya
Inserted: 18.09.2014
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The crossing of the highest mountain in the country – Mount Kenya is certainly the most interesting and famous trek in Kenya. There is a wide range of possible ways in the local national park that can be used for the walk. One of the best combinations is Chogoria – Sirimon including the ascent to Point Lenana (4,985 m asl), which is the highest „tourist“ point on this mountain range. On this trek you will enjoy a walk across several vegetation bands from the mountain tropical forest up to the remnants of glaciers in the surroundings of the highest peaks of this volcanic massif.

Day 1

Transfer below Mount Kenya

You will probably set out for Mount Kenya from the capital of Kenya – Nairobi. After the mornings tour around this African city set off for approximately five-hour ride to Chogoria. There is no problem to find accommodation, guide or order transport closer to the mountain.

Day 2

In an off-road vehicle to the starting point of the trek

If you want to save some time, long walk in the farmland along the muddy trail in the mountain forest, set out from Chogoria in a hired car. The destination of this stage is the camp Mount Kenya Bandas situated on very picturesque place at the beginning of mountain savannah.

Chogoria - Mount Kenya Bandas

Through jungle to the start of the trek

| Altitude: 2 990 m / 9 810 ft

190 km from Nairobi, i.e. several long hours by bus, lies at the foot of the massif of Mount Kenya a former… continue reading

Day 3

Along Chogoria route to Mintos hut

The third day will test your susceptibility to higher altitudes, if you set out without any acclimatization. The destination of this stage is a miniature Mintos hut located near beautiful lake Hall Tarn.

Hike Mt.Kenya Bandas - Mintos Hut

Under the top of icy mountain on the equ

| Altitude: 4 290 m / 14 075 ft

The second day in the massif of Mt. Kenya is finally trekking. The ascent along the Chogoria route leads you… continue reading

Day 4

Ascent to Point Lenana and descent along Sirimon route

The fourth day is the best and most beautiful. You can expect the ascent at the sunrise at the tourist top of Point Lenana. After you enjoy some time at the top, you'll descend through the Sirimon valley to the camp Shipton and possibly even further descend to Old Moses hut.

  • TIP: If you have an additional free day, it is certainly worth to bypass the tops in the mountain massif.

Ascent to Point Lenana

Ascent to the highest tourist peak in Ke

| Altitude: 4 985 m / 16 355 ft

Sunrise on the top of the highest „tourist“ peak of Point Lenana (4,985 m asl) is one of the greatest… continue reading

Hike Shipton kemp - Old Moses hut

Long descent through the valley Sirimon

| Altitude: 4 270 m / 14 009 ft

Thirteen kilometer long descent through Sirimon valley is interesting only at the beginning, when there are… continue reading

Day 5

End of the trek in Nanyuki

Last day of the trek awaits you relatively short descent first through savannah, then through bushy surroundings to the gate of the National Park Sirimon Gate (2 650 m asl), so about 700 vertical meters down. From there you can get in an off road vehicle /along far better path than from Chogoria to Mount Kenya Bandas/ first through the forest and then through farmland to the main road and on to the town of Nanyuki. From there already run frequent buses to the surrounding towns.


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