Tour of Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania

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Tour of Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania
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If you are already going to Equatorial Africa and you have about three weeks of time, it is not wrong to make a circuit around three neighboring countries: Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. This circuit is a combination of both high-altitude hiking, including climbing Kilimanjaro, and visiting beautiful safaris and ending with a swim in Zanzibar. Due to the very expensive entrances to the national parks, it is unfortunately not a low cost tour at all

1 day

From Nairobi below Mount Kenya

The start of this circuit is in Nairobi, the capital of Kenya. It depends on how much you arrive, but the city itself is half a day, so it is ideal to move by bus to Chogorie under Mount Kenya in the afternoon.

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Visit of Nairobi

Day 2 - 5

Mount Kenya massif crossing

Probably the most famous and beautiful trek in Kenya, crossing its highest mountains. The disadvantage is the expensive entrance fee calculated in addition to the entrance but the number of days + little opportunity to acclimatize to high altitude

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Crossing of Mount Kenya

6th - 7th day

Over the next two days, you can see the best of Lake Nakuru and Masai Mari. After leaving Mount Kenya, you will first go off-road to the city of Nanyuki and from there by bus to about 200 km distant Nakuru, where it is not easy to arrange another day of safari. So on the sixth day you will see Nakuru in the morning, in the afternoon you will cross to Masai Mary. On the seventh day, a morning safari awaits you in the famous Masai Mara.

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Safari around Lake Nakuru
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Safari in Masai Mara

Day 8 - 9

Via Kampala to Fort Portal

After a morning safari in the Masai Mara, it pays to move a little further. We managed to reach the provincial city of Kisii, where you really do not interfere with the tourist, so you can enjoy a real African atmosphere. The next days are quite tiring and especially about transfers. First, take a bus to the border with Uganda and drive to Kampala in the evening. On the eighth day, a short city tour and a long drive to Fort Portal

Day 10

Trip to Semuliki National Park

Fort Portal is an ideal starting point for the lowland rainforest that occupies most of the neighboring state of Congo. Its promontory falling into Uganda falls into the Semuliki National Park. In the afternoon, you can head to Lake Nkuruba, one of the many crater lakes in the area

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Trip to Semuliki NP
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Safari around Lake Nkuruba

Day 11

Crossing the equator and the Kazinga Canal

The next day you will find your way south with crossing the equator. You will drive along the eastern edge of the mighty Ruwenzori Mountains, which would also be worth a sin if you have enough time. If you want to see lots of hippos and other animals, stop for another safari in the Kazinga Canal. In the afternoon, continue around the interesting canyon – Kyambura gorge, which, thanks to the presence of chimpanzees, would be worth a day visit. The last stop is the interesting Kitagata Hot Springs. Accommodation is in Kabala, a short walk from Lake Bunyonyi

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Safari in Kazinga channel

Day 12

Lake Bunyonyi and Kisoro

In the morning, explore the beautiful Lake Bunyonyi. In the afternoon you will find a trip to the striking town of Kisoro, the starting point for the Mgahinga National Park

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Trip to Lake Bunyonyi
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Life in Kisoro

Day 13

Ascent to Sabyinyo

Mgahinga National Park is famous for watching mountain gorillas, but you can go on one perfect ascent – to the Sabyinyo volcano, which is also interesting because it has a tri-border at its top. So you can step into Rwanda and Congo

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Ascent to volcano Sabyinyo

Day 14

Road to Tanzania

The second week of the journey ends, so it is necessary to move further down the ground. From Kisora there is a nice way through the mountains to Kabbalah and from there by bus across the border to Bukoba lying on Lake Victoria

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Drive Kisoro - Kabale

15th - 16th day

Road from Bukoba to Arush

In the morning you can go to Lake Victoria and relax a bit before the rough drive from Bukoba to Arush. You will not forget these more than 1000 kilometers of dirt roads for the rest of your life. In Arush, all you have to do is arrange a trek to Kilimanjaro and prepare a little for a few days at heights.

17th - 21st day

Ascent to Kilimanjaro

The highlight of this expedition is an interesting trek to the highest mountain on the continent – Kilimanjaro. After the previous ascents, you have at least a little acclimatization, but even so, it is quite a demanding business

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Ascent to Kilimanjaro

Day 22

Road to Dar es Salaam

From Kilimanjaro, you will drive more than 500 km to the Tanzanian capital Dar es Salaam, where the journey ends. So if you have more days, you can relax after that challenging circuit in Zanzibar

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Swimming in Kigomani and Matemwe
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