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The most beautiful trips in the Giant Mountains

Where to go on a trip in the Giant Mountains

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The most beautiful trips in the Giant Mountains
Updated: 27.03.2021
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You may be surprised at how many beautiful trips and tours you can take in the Giant Mountains. There are many interesting towns and many views of the Giant Mountains, which make the northern backdrop of this picturesque region. Let's take a look where it pays to go on a trip in the Giant Mountains

Trip to Kuks Hospital

One of the most beautiful baroque complexes in Bohemia

| Altitude: 304 m / 997 ft

A visit and tour of Kuks Hospital is a pleasant half-day trip. You will find it just a short walk from Dvůr… continue reading

Tour of Vrchlabí

Entrance gate to the Giant Mountains

| Altitude: 485 m / 1 591 ft

Vrchlabí is often called the gateway to the Giant Mountains. No wonder, it is located exactly where the Elbe… continue reading

Tour of Trutnov

A trip to the town of Krakonoše

| Altitude: 432 m / 1 417 ft

Trutnov is a relatively large district town below the Giant Mountains located on the river Upa. You will be… continue reading

Visit of ruins of Kumburk castle

The most beautiful outlook far and wide

| Altitude: 642 m / 2 106 ft

At high basalt hill (642 m asl) stand the ruins of castle Kumburk. It is slowly being reconstructed by… continue reading

A tour of the Royal Court

The city is not only a famous zoo

| Altitude: 297 m / 974 ft

Dvůr Králové nad Labem attracts visitors mainly thanks to the famous ZOO located on the western edge of the… continue reading

Tour of Jilemnice

Trip to the gate to the Giant Mountains

| Altitude: 461 m / 1 512 ft

Despite the fact that Jilemnice is only a small town not far from the Giant Mountains, it is worth stopping… continue reading

Hike Pecka - Zvičina

Hike to the dominant of the Krkonoše Mountains

| Altitude: 524 m / 1 719 ft

One of the best tours in the Giant Mountains is a march from Pecka to the famous landmark Zvičina (671 m… continue reading

Tour of Hřídelecká Húra

To the quarry inside the volcano

| Altitude: 398 m / 1 306 ft

At first glance, you will not see much interesting things in Hřídelka, which lies between Lázně Bělohrad and… continue reading

A tour of Belohrad Spa

Relaxing circuit through the picturesque spa

| Altitude: 296 m / 971 ft

Belohrad Spa is a small town in the foothills of the Giant Mountains with several attractions. You can make a… continue reading

Hike through Pecka Castle and the Krkonoše Viewpoint

The most beautiful circuit near Lázně Bělohrad

| Altitude: 532 m / 1 745 ft

The most beautiful tourist circuit you can take in the vicinity of Lázně Bělohrad starts in the picturesque… continue reading

Walk to Byšičky

The most beautiful trip from Lázně Bělohrad

| Altitude: 337 m / 1 106 ft

Byšičky is a place of pilgrimage just a short distance from the town of Lázně Bělohrad in the Krkonoše… continue reading

A tour of the ruins of Návarov Castle

Castle on the river Kamenice

Altitude: 410 m / 1 345 ft

On a rocky promontory, high above the river Kamenice, you will find an interesting ruin of the Návarov castle… continue reading

Hike Bozkov - Kamenice - Navarov

Hike along the wild valley of the river Kamenice

| Altitude: 336 m / 1 102 ft

At the border of the Krkonoše Mountains, the Bohemian Paradise and the Jizera Mountains, you will find the… continue reading

Ascent to Kozinec

Ascent to the highest peak of the Jičín district

| Altitude: 608 m / 1 995 ft

Not far north of Nová Paka you will find the flat peak Kozinec (608 m above sea level), which is not only an… continue reading

A tour of Hořice in the Krkonoše Mountains

Trip to Hořice town of tubes and statues

Altitude: 313 m / 1 027 ft

Hořice v Podkrkonoší lies about halfway between Jičín and Hradec Králové directly below the long forest ridge… continue reading

Hike from Studenec around Stráž

For beautiful views of the Giant Mountains

Altitude: 623 m / 2 044 ft

Studenec is a village that most people pass through on their way to the Giant Mountains. From here, you can… continue reading

Tour of Nové Paky

Gate to the Giant Mountains

Altitude: 424 m / 1 391 ft

Nová Paka is a small town in the district of Jičín. It is also a starting point for several nice tours … continue reading

Walk around the hill Vyšehrad

Beautiful views not only of Zvičina and the Giant Mountains

Altitude: 579 m / 1 900 ft

Vyšehrad (585 m above sea level) is an indistinct peak just west of the famous Zvičina hill in the foothills… continue reading

The circuit around Tužín

Picturesque hike on the outskirts of the Giant Mountains

Altitude: 324 m / 1 063 ft

The small village of Tužín lies in the vicinity of the stream of the same name on the border of the Jičín… continue reading

Hike through Svojek and Kruh

Beautiful views of the Giant Mountains

Altitude: 514 m / 1 686 ft

The sightseeing tour from Svojek through the Circle is such a classic in the Krkonoše Mountains. Beautiful… continue reading

A walk from Nová Ves nad Popelkou

Sightseeing circuit in the Giant Mountains

Altitude: 428 m / 1 404 ft

From the hills above the valley of the river Popelka are beautiful views of the picturesque landscape of the… continue reading

Trip to Novopacké waterfalls

A trip to the Sýkornice nature park

Altitude: 462 m / 1 516 ft

Novopacké waterfalls can be found about four kilometers east of Nová Paka. It lies in the protected area of… continue reading

Hike from Libštát

Hike to the hills Na Vrších and V Končinách

Altitude: 503 m / 1 650 ft

A red tourist route connecting Lomnice nad Popelkou with Jilemnice and the Giant Mountains leads through… continue reading

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