The most beautiful trips in Eduardo Avaroa

The most famous from Bolivia

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The most beautiful trips in Eduardo Avaroa
Inserted: 29.10.2022
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The southwestern tip of Bolivia is considered one of the most beautiful regions of the country. A smaller part of this area belongs to the Eduardo Avaroa National Reserve (admission fee). The area is accessible by several day trips with all-terrain vehicles. Be sure to always check whether the offered itinerary provides all the beautiful stops. Attention, the ascents to the volcanoes listed here are usually only in individually arranged trips

Ascent to Licancabur Volcano

The most beautiful volcano far and wide

| Altitude: 5 960 m / 19 554 ft

Everyone who stops at the famous lookout over Laguna Verde admires the reflection of the beautiful volcano… continue reading

Around Lagoon Colorada

Red paradise full of flamingos

| Altitude: 4 295 m / 14 091 ft

High-lying laguna Colorada (4295 m asl) with incredibly red water and white borax islands is a heaven for an… continue reading

Drive Colchani - Hotel del Sal

The first steps in salar

| Altitude: 3 665 m / 12 024 ft

The jeeps are reaching in less than five kilometers one of the natural wonders of the world after leaving a… continue reading

Visit of Sol de Maňana

Devil's cauldron

| Altitude: 4 870 m / 15 978 ft

Geothermal fields Sol de Maňana is located in almost five thousand meters above sea level. It is the highest… continue reading

Lagoon Verde Outlook

Blue treasure under Licancabur

| Altitude: 4 330 m / 14 206 ft

The outlook of a beautiful blue lagoon Verde lying in 4330 meters asl is one of the nicest stops on all jeep… continue reading

Ascent to Uturunc

Ascent to the simplest 6,000 in the world

| Altitude: 6 008 m / 19 711 ft

If you have ever been tempted to climb a mountain higher than six thousand meters above sea level, there is… continue reading

Drive in Kingdom of lagoons

Along the Laguna Honda, Hedionda and Caň

| Altitude: 4 600 m / 15 092 ft

Roughly halfway between the large lagoon Colorado and giant salar Uyuni is a beautiful place, where several… continue reading

Drive over Desierto de Dali

Surrealistic Altiplano

| Altitude: 4 700 m / 15 420 ft

Altiplans high mountain desert of Salvador Dali is a truly a quirk of nature. Colorful, intensely weathered… continue reading

Visit of Isla Incahuasi

The heart of the salar of Uyuni

| Altitude: 3 712 m / 12 178 ft

Virtually straight from the middle of the gigantic Salar de Uyuni juts out black rock looking really as an… continue reading

Stop at Arbol de Piedra

Rock formations in the Siloli desert

| Altitude: 4 600 m / 15 092 ft

Just 17km from huge lagoon Colorado there is another attraction of Southwest Altiplano – the desert Siloli … continue reading

Visit of Train Cemetery

Train museum under the open sky

| Altitude: 3 672 m / 12 047 ft

The only real attraction of dusty Uyuni is less than three kilometers distant train cemetery. Old historic… continue reading

Drive Hotel del Sal - Coqueza

Under the volcano Tunupa

| Altitude: 3 680 m / 12 073 ft

The vast majority of tourists continue from the Salt hotel to the island Incahuasi. But it is a good idea to… continue reading

Drive around the volcano Ollague

Picnic under a smoking giant

| Altitude: 4 200 m / 13 780 ft

The outlook of smoking volcano Ollagüe (5 868asl) by beautifully eroded small rocks full of vizkachas is a… continue reading

Walk from Atulcha

Inca ruins and giant cacti

| Altitude: 3 720 m / 12 205 ft

On the southern edge of Salar de Uyuni is a small village Atulcha. Tourists stop here mainly for the reason… continue reading

Laguna Salada and Thermal Polque

Warm springs in 4400 altitude meters

| Altitude: 4 400 m / 14 436 ft

Between the Salvador Dali desert and geysers Sol de Manana is located a relaxing place of Polgue Thermal.… continue reading

Stop at the Lagoon Blanca

Unfairly neglected lagoon

| Altitude: 4 328 m / 14 199 ft

Less than eight kilometers down the hill from customs Hito Cajon lies the beautiful „white“ lagoon. Close to… continue reading

Visit of Colchani

Ghost´s town at Salar

| Altitude: 3 670 m / 12 041 ft

Just 20 km from the Uyuni is situated town of Colchani, the main basis for the tour to Salar de Uyuni. Most… continue reading

Drive over Hito Cajon

Customs office in the wilderness

| Altitude: 4 488 m / 14 724 ft

Unique customs office Hito Cajon (4488 m asl) in altiplano wilderness between Chile and Bolivia lies between… continue reading

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