The most beautiful ascents in the Ötztal Alps

The best of mountain hiking in the Ötztal Alps

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The most beautiful ascents in the Ötztal Alps
Inserted: 08.09.2019
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The Ötztal Alps offer hundreds of 3,000 peaks accessible from three main valleys: Ötztal, Pitztal and Kaunertal. It is literally a paradise for climbers and alpine tourists. Be inspired by the most beautiful mountain tours in the area

Ascent to the Wildspitze and descent through the Taschachtal

Two-day skiing in the Pitztal

| Altitude: 3 770 m / 12 369 ft

Winter ascent to Austria's second highest mountain Wildspitze (3,772 m.) Crossing the Taschachferner Glacier… continue reading

Ascent to Similaun

Trek to mythical mountain

| Altitude: 3 606 m / 11 831 ft

Similaun (3 606 m asl) is one of the most popular and highest mountains in Austria. Moreover, it is not very… continue reading

Ascent to Kreuzspitze

Awesome outlook around Ötztal

| Altitude: 3 455 m / 11 335 ft

Kreuzspitze (3455 m asl) belongs among the highest easily accessible austrian hiking peaks (you do not need… continue reading

Ascent to Hohe Geige

To the highest mountain Geigenkammu

| Altitude: 3 395 m / 11 138 ft

Hohe Geige (3,395 m above sea level) is one of the most accessible hiking mountains in the Ötztal Alps,… continue reading

Ascent to Karleskopf and Polleskogel

March opposite the glacier arena

| Altitude: 3 032 m / 9 948 ft

The hike from the Braunschwaiger Hütte mountain hut to the Karleskopf and Polleskogel hills is a short yet… continue reading

Ascent to Sulzkogel

The outlook over Finstertaler Stausee

| Altitude: 3 016 m / 9 895 ft

From Kühtai Pass ( 2017 m asl ), which lies on the mountain road that connects the Ötztal valley with… continue reading

Ascent to Hohe Geige via Westgrat

Plangeross - Gahwinden - Westgrat - Hohe Geige

| Altitude: 3 395 m / 11 138 ft

The ascent from Plangeross to Hohe Geige in one day is quite challenging, but in good weather it can be… continue reading

Ascent to the Pitztaler Jöchl and Polleskogel

Amazing view to the ice arena

| Altitude: 3 032 m / 9 948 ft

The best of this moto trip around Ötztaler Gletscherstraße is a short ascent to the pass Pitztaler Jöchl … continue reading

Ascent to Marzellkamm

Half-forgotten outlook to Similaun

| Altitude: 3 147 m / 10 325 ft

Nice half-day walk begins at the mountain hut Martin Busch Hütte and leads to two kilometers long ridge… continue reading

Ascent to Saykogel from the east

Connection between two valleys

| Altitude: 3 355 m / 11 007 ft

You can ascent Saykogel by two ways – either from the Niedertal or Rofental valley. Most of the tourists take… continue reading

Hike across the pass Finailjoch

Journey on the glacier Hochjochferner

| Altitude: 3 280 m / 10 761 ft

Crossing of the pass Finailjoch (3 280 m asl) below the mountain Finailspitze (3 514 m asl) is no longer a… continue reading

Ascent to Saykogel from the west

Above the glacier arena

| Altitude: 3 355 m / 11 007 ft

Ascent to Saykogel is possible in two ways – either from the valley of Niedertal or Rofental. Most of the… continue reading

Ascent to Parstleswand

Plangeross - Parstleswand - Kaunergrathütte and back

| Altitude: 3 091 m / 10 141 ft

Parstleswand (sometimes also called Portleswand) may not be as attractive at first glance as some other and… continue reading

Ascent to Mittagskogel

Mittelberg - Mittagskogel and back

| Altitude: 3 133 m / 10 279 ft

The Mittagskogel can be reached from Mittelberg relatively easily using the Gletscherexpress tunnel, which… continue reading

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