Ascent to Similaun

Trek to mythical mountain

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Ascent to Similaun
Inserted: 17.08.2014
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Similaun (3 606 m asl) is one of the most popular and highest mountains in Austria. Moreover, it is not very difficult, so a number of tourists ascend here every year. And there is no wonder – there is not only fabulous view from the top, but also the way itself from the valley is very nice. In its vicinity are also a number of other peaks, so you will not be bored in his area even for a few days. This trip describes the ascent on snow in the early spring.

Day 1 - Ascent from Vent to the hut Similaun

The first day awaits you the ascent from the picturesque village of Vent through the valley of Niedertal to the hut Martin Busch. If you want to walk in a more relaxing way, you can accommodate, ascend to the adjacent Kreuzspitze or Marzellkamm and extend the ascent for the following day. Others will continue on after the refreshments at the hut through the valley up to the border ridge of Austria and Italy, where is the destination of this stage – Similaun Hütte (3 016 m asl) /lying already on Italian territory/. If weather permits also in the evening, it's absolutely ideal outlook directly to the top of Similaun.

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Day 2 – Summit day

The second day awaits you the ascend to the top. If you are in the hurry, you can easily get back to Vent. But in good weather it is better to admire the views from the top for longer time and spend one more night at the hut Similaun.

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Day 3 – Way back

You can choose from the following options the third day:

  • You can return the same way back around the hut Martin Busch
  • Or alternatively, you can visit the site of Ötzi in Tisenjoch pass (3 208 m asl) and descend into the valley Rofental through another pass Finailjoch (3 280 m asl). In Rofental you can easily extend the hike for another days.
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