Hiking in the valley Niedertal

Hiking in the valley Niedertal

Lots of ascents around Martin Busch

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Difficulty: Average
Time: 3 Days

Niedertal valley is one of the most beautiful valleys in Ötztal Alps. It is dominated by beautiful Similaun (3 606 m asl) and Kreuzspitze (3 455 m asl), which is very popular with tourists and belongs among the highest easily manageable mountains in the Alps. You can experience here beautiful green meadows lining countless number of three thousand meters high peaks emblazoned with glacial cover. The biggest glaciers here include Niederjochferner and Hochjochferner, which you can admire from the local amazing outlook places.  


1st day

Ascent valley of Niedertal

The first day await you the ascent from picturesque hamlet Vent through beautiful valley Niedertal to the hut Martin Busch. After accommodating it is ideal to ascend to the ridge of Marzellkamm with sweeping view of Similaun and other surrounding mountains. In addition, not many people walk here.

Article: Hike Vent - Martin Busch Hütte

Beautiful walk through the valley Nieder

The village of Vent (1,890 m asl) is one of the best starting points of hikes throughout Ötztal and also one of the highest located villages in Austria. It lies at the confluence of two rivers - Niedertalbach and Rofenache. Through Niedertal valley gradually rises wide path to mountain hut Martin Busch Hütte, from where you can ascend to some of three thousand high tops. (winter tours version here)

Article: Ascent to Marzellkamm

Half-forgotten outlook to Similaun

Nice half-day walk begins at the mountain hut Martin Busch Hütte and leads to two kilometers long ridge Marzellkamm dividing two impressive glaciers flowing down from the local most favorite mountain of Similaun. The way is not too crowded, because there are far higher mountain targets around. And the outlooks on the way are really impressive. In addition, photographers can stay here without any problems until sunset, because the journey back to the moutain hut is not difficult and long

Day 2

Kreuzspitze and Niederjoch

The next day, set out to the mountain with really a parade view – Kreuzspitze. If you set out early, you can still make a trip to Niederjoch with a view to Italy. There is a hut Similaun serving also as a starting point to the mountain bearing the same name. Alternatively (in the summer) more difficult ascent to Tisenjoch, where is the memorial to the iceman Ötzi.

Article: Ascent to Kreuzspitze

Awesome outlook around Ötztal

Kreuzspitze (3455 m asl) belongs among the highest easily accessible austrian hiking peaks (you do not need any climbing equipment for the ascent). There are really incredible views across the whole Ötztal in good weather from its top. You can manage the ascent in one day from Vent, but far more enjoyable and tactical is to sleep at the hut of Martin Busch Hütte and combine it with another ascent in the neighborhood.

Day 3

Crossing Saykogel

If you do not return the same way back and do not mind walking longer, go back to Vent over the mountain Saykogel and for someone maybe even more beautiful valley Rofental. Alternatively, it is also possible just to ascend to the top of the mountain and return the same way back.

Article: Ascent to Saykogel from the east

Connection between two valleys

You can ascent Saykogel by two ways - either from the Niedertal or Rofental valley. Most of the tourists take this advantage and plan the circuit not to have to return back through the same valley. So the mountain does not serve just like a beautiful outlook, but also as an interesting connection of hiking paths. Extreme tourists can do this circuit in a single day from Vent. Most tourists, however, go with more comfortable pace and spend one or two nights in this area. This photoreport describes the way from Martin Busch Hütte to the top of the mountain.

Other places to visit in the valley Niedertal

  • Among more difficult ascents (walk on the glacier) belongs the ascend to Similaun.
  • Over Ramoljoch (3 189 m asl) leads the main alpine path 02 connecting Gurgler tal with Vent. Use this path if you are planning longer and more difficult crossing of Ötztal Alps.

Article: Ascent to Similaun

Trek to mythical mountain

Similaun (3 606 m asl) is one of the most popular and highest mountains in Austria. Moreover, it is not very difficult, so a number of tourists ascend here every year. And there is no wonder – there is not only fabulous view from the top, but also the way itself from the valley is very nice. In its vicinity are also a number of other peaks, so you will not be bored in his area even for a few days. This trip describes the ascent on snow in the early spring.

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