The most beautiful stages of the Alpamayo BC trek

The most beautiful hikes in the area of Mount Alpamayo

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The most beautiful stages of the Alpamayo BC trek
Inserted: 23.10.2022
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The trek to Alpamayo BC is considered one of the most beautiful in all of South America. Here you will see not only one of the most beautiful mountains in the world – Alpamayo, but also a number of other beautiful mountains such as Santa Cruz. In addition, there are a number of beautiful lagoons. But expect high saddle transitions and the remoteness of this trek

Ascent to Northern Alpamayo BC

Under the most beautiful mountain in Per

| Altitude: 5 025 m / 16 486 ft

Alpamayo BC trek 4: The longest, toughest and also the nicest „side“ trip at Alpamayo Base Camp trek is the… continue reading

Hike to Lagoons Safuna

To the beautiful lagoons below Pucajirca

| Altitude: 4 390 m / 14 403 ft

Alpamayo BC Trek – Sidetrip2: Lagoons Safuna Alta and Safuna Baja lie just off the main trek trail around… continue reading

Hike Cullicocha - Quebrada Alpamayo

Walk across two passes

| Altitude: 4 860 m / 15 945 ft

Alpamayo BC trek 3: You can expect two high passes the third day of the trek – Osoruri (4 860 m asl) and… continue reading

Hike Through Janca Pampa to Pomabamba

Descent through fabulous valley

| Altitude: 3 550 m / 11 647 ft

Alpamayo BC Trek 7: The last stage of the trek leads through the picturesque valley of Janca pampa with… continue reading

Hike to lagoon Yuraccocha

Pond under the massif of Santa Cruz

| Altitude: 4 650 m / 15 256 ft

Alpamayo BC trek – Sidetrip1: On the second day of the trek to northern BC Alpamayo you can also go to a very… continue reading

Hike across the pass Gara Gara

From Alpamayo to Pucajirca

| Altitude: 4 830 m / 15 846 ft

Alpamayo BC trek 5: The fifth day of the trek awaits you overcoming of Gara Gara pass (4 830 m asl) famous… continue reading

Hike Cashapampa - Hualcayan

The beginning of Alpamayo trek

| Altitude: 3 950 m / 12 959 ft

Alpamayo BC trek 1: The first stage of this adventurous trek begins in the village of Cashapampa (2 920 m asl… continue reading

Hike around the camp Jancarurish

Below the rock wall

| Altitude: 4 300 m / 14 108 ft

If you still have some energy after the difficult morning trip to the northern base camp Alpamayo, you can… continue reading

Hike Hualcayan - Lagoon Cullicocha

Walk to the massive of Nevado Santa Cruz

| Altitude: 4 620 m / 15 157 ft

Alpamayo BC trek 2: The second day´s walk will test your acclimatization to high altitudes, because… continue reading

Hike over pass Yanacon

To the valley of Janca pampa

| Altitude: 4 610 m / 15 125 ft

Alpamayo BC Trek 6: From the lagoons Safuna await you the long walk through the valley of Tayapampa and then… continue reading

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