Ascents to the tourist peaks of the High Tatras

Ascents to tourist accessible peaks

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Ascents to the tourist peaks of the High Tatras
Inserted: 05.09.2018
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The High Tatras are one of the smallest mountains. Gerlachovský štít reigns with its 2655m. In this paper, however, I will focus on tourist-accessible mountains such as Kriváň, Rysy, Koprovský štít, Východná Vysoká, Sľavkovský štít and Jahňací štít.

Ascent to Kriváň from Trech Studničky

Impressive pyramid

| Altitude: 2 494 m / 8 182 ft

Kriváň 2494m once fought for the post of the highest mountain in the Tatras with Lomnický štít before… continue reading

Koprovský štít

Shield in the middle of the mountains

| Altitude: 2 363 m / 7 753 ft

Koprovský štít 2363m is located in the heart of the High Tatras. The views are of the surrounding peaks and… continue reading


The highest tourist shield available

| Altitude: 2 503 m / 8 212 ft

The features form a double peak, the highest of which is 2503m. The ascent belongs to all-day tours from… continue reading

Eastern High

Circuit through Sliezsky dom and Zbojnická chata

| Altitude: 2 428 m / 7 966 ft

East High 2428m. The only tourist peak available where you can make a circuit and we do not have to go the… continue reading

Ascent to Slavkovský štít

Tatra lookout tower

| Altitude: 2 452 m / 8 045 ft

Slavkovský štít 2452m is an important hill in that it lies advanced from other peaks accessible to tourists,… continue reading

Ascent to Jahňací štít

The easternmost peak of the High Tatras

| Altitude: 2 230 m / 7 316 ft

Jaňací štít 2230m is located at the easternmost point of the High Tatras, only the Belianske Tatras connect.… continue reading

Ascent to Predné Solisko

High Tatras - hike suitable for children

| Altitude: 2 117 m / 6 946 ft

Predné Solisko (2117 m) is the southernmost peak in the Solisek ridge in the High Tatras. It is the only… continue reading

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