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Lednice-Valtice area - what to see and experience

The largest composed landscape in Europe

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Lednice-Valtice area - what to see and experience
Inserted: 22.03.2023
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In the southernmost part of Moravia, in the district of Břeclav near the border with Austria, there is a world-unique landscape complex with a number of cultural and natural monuments. During the 18th and 19th centuries, the Liechtenstein princely family shaped the landscape into one large natural park with an area of 283.09 km2. This unique landscape was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List on December 7, 1996.

On well-maintained trails, you can visit a large number of large and small buildings of Baroque architecture, romantic style castles, ponds, floodplain forests and parks on foot or by bike. You can take a carriage ride or sail a boat here.

The area is also known for its local culture and folklore, and especially for its centuries-old tradition of growing and producing fine wines.

There is no doubt that many days can be spent here and many experiences can be enjoyed.

Fridge - lock

The masterpiece of English Neo-Gothic in the Czech Republic

Altitude: 172 m / 564 ft

The beautiful castle built in neo-Gothic style, standing near the Slovak-Austrian-Czech border, is one of the… continue reading

Lednice - castle greenhouse and gardens

Interesting surroundings of Lednice Castle

Altitude: 171 m / 561 ft

Lednice Castle is surrounded not only by an extensive landscaped park with romantic buildings, but also a… continue reading

Valtice - castle

Representative baroque castle area

Altitude: 203 m / 666 ft

The Valtice castle, surrounded by a large garden, is located on the southern side of the wine-growing town of… continue reading

Temple of Apollo

Beautiful view in the Lednicko - Valtice area

Altitude: 183 m / 600 ft

On the hill above Mlýnský rybník, near the road connecting the cities of Lednice and Břeclav, stands an… continue reading

Temple of the Three Graces

Semicircular column colonnade

Altitude: 187 m / 614 ft

Approximately in the middle between Lednica and Valtice, on an elevated spot near the southern shore of… continue reading

Diana's Temple (Rendez-vous Hunting Lodge)

An interesting example of neoclassical architecture in the Czech Republic

Altitude: 204 m / 669 ft

About a kilometer before the entrance to Valtice, there is a hunting lodge near the road leading from Břeclav… continue reading

Hraniční zámeček - Lednickovaltice area

A beautiful classicist building between the ponds

Altitude: 169 m / 554 ft

Between the village of Lednice and the town of Valtice, on the bank of the Hlohovecký pond, there is a… continue reading

Jan's Castle

A hunting lodge as an imitation of the ruins of a medieval castle

Altitude: 164 m / 538 ft

About two kilometers east-northeast of the Lednice castle, in a strategic location surrounded by the Stará… continue reading

Lednice - Valtice music festival

Concerts in the beautiful surroundings of historic buildings

Altitude: 163 m / 535 ft

Every year, from the end of August to the beginning of October, a classical music festival takes place in the… continue reading

Colonnade on Reistna

Viewing colonnade near Valtice

Altitude: 282 m / 925 ft

About one kilometer west of the edge of Valtice, on the side of Chrastina Hill, at a place called Rajsna,… continue reading

Lednice Minaret

One of the tallest minarets in non-Islamic countries

Altitude: 164 m / 538 ft

One and a half kilometers northeast of the Lednice castle there is a very unusual building. It is a 60-meter… continue reading

Chapel of St. Hubert

The last building of the Liechtenstein area

Altitude: 189 m / 620 ft

About halfway between Břeclav and Valtice, there is a small sacred building in a clearing in the middle of… continue reading

Castle Pohansko

Empire hunting lodge near Břeclav

Altitude: 157 m / 515 ft

About 2 km south of the town of Břeclav is the Empire hunting lodge Pohansko, which was built between 18 10… continue reading

Belvedere summerhouse

The classicist castle is actually a pheasant house

Altitude: 222 m / 728 ft

On the northern outskirts of the town of Valtice, on Liščí vršek, stands the newly reconstructed building of… continue reading

Pond castle

A charming classicist castle with a beautiful view

Altitude: 186 m / 610 ft

About one kilometer southwest of the village of Lednice, a small classicist castle is built on a beautiful… continue reading

Hunting lodge

Classic hunting lodge

Altitude: 161 m / 528 ft

Less than two kilometers east of the Lednice castle, there is an interesting building on the edge of Dolní… continue reading

Valtice - winery

Center of Viticulture and Viticulture

Altitude: 203 m / 666 ft

The pearl of Valtice is the majestic baroque castle. But the whole area is famous for the cultivation of… continue reading

Walk from Lednice to Jan's castle

A walk through the Niva Dyje nature park

Altitude: 164 m / 538 ft

Probably the second most popular walk from Lednice, after visiting the minaret, is a walk to Jan's castle – a… continue reading

A walk around the Castle Pond in Lednice

Walk to the famous minaret in Lednice

Altitude: 164 m / 538 ft

Probably the most popular walk in Lednice is a round trip around the Castle Pond to the minaret and back. The… continue reading

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