Outlook places around Jičín

Outlook places around Jičín

Volcanoes of the Bohemian Paradise

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Overcrowding: Above average
Difficulty: Gentle
Time: 7:00 h

If you like nice views without any bigger effort, then the trip around hills, mostly old volcanoes around Jičín, is ideal for you. In one day you can see both Veliš (429 m asl) with stunning views of Jičín basin and the ruins of castle Kumburk (642 m asl) overlooking the Giant mountains, lookout Tábor (678 m asl), which is also the highest hill near Jičín, and interesting hill Brada (439 m asl).  

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1. Stage of the trip

Journey to Brada

Begin the trip with the way to the village of Brada (5km from Jičín). Along the way, you can stop at the interesting military cemetery Ossarium, a memorial to the Battle near Jičín as of June 29, 1866. From the end of the road you have it less than five minutes ascent to the outlook hill. On the western side of the hill is Rumcajs cave, so you can also see the area of famous forest Řáholec. If you want to walk a little, you can continue to Přivýšina hill (464 m asl), from where is in the morning a nice view of Jičín.

Article: Ascent to Brada

New outlook of Czech Paradise

Hill Brada (439 m asl) used to be a neglected stop during hikes in the Czech Paradise. That changed, however, after its top was virtually deforested and became a nice outlook of Jicin basin with the beautiful hill Zebin, Trosky, Jested and Tabor. In addition, there is a small educative trail and Rumcajs cave, which may be particularly interesting for your kids.

2. Stage of the trip

Journey to Tábor

From Brada, take the main road and continue to the hill Tábor on through the town Železnice. Here you can possibly make a short stop in the small Museum of Natural History or see the square. The road will then lead you to the top of the hill Tábor (13km from Brada), where a lookout is now in now again in operation. Additionally, you can also go through the Way of the Cross.



3. Stage of the Trip

Kumburk and Bradlec

From Tábor go down back to the main road and then follow from Ploužnice on the ridge road up to Klepanda. From the road are also several nice views of the Giant Mountains and into Jičín basin. Basically, you will go across another hill named Smíta (563 m asl). In winter, favorite cross-country trails lead here. You can leave your car in Klepanda and have a walk, or park directly below Kumburk and make by that the ascent a little shorter. On the way back to Jičín you can stop at the ruins Bradlec. It is without any outlook place, but it is quite interesting.

Article: Visit of ruins of Kumburk castle

The most beautiful outlook far and wide

At high basalt hill (642 m asl) stand the ruins of castle Kumburk. It is slowly being reconstructed by volunteers from the surrounding villages for the last few years. Except for preserved dungeons and tower you may be interested in the beautiful panoramic view of the Giant Mountains, Podkrkonoší, Bohemian Paradise and in good visibility also up to the Lusatian Mountains.  

Article: Ruins of Bradlec castle

Half-forgotten ruins

In the middle of beech forest stands on small volcanic igneous rock ruins of castle Bradlec (542 m asl). It is a bit in the shadow of its more famous and important neighbor - gradually restored ruins of castle Kumburk (642 m asl). But the castle has an interesting atmosphere, however, supported by the fact that you rarely meet anyone here. Moreover, below the ruins is a big fireplace and commons, where you can spend a night, which might be ideal during a long walk through Bohemian Paradise and Podkrkonoší (“area around the Giant Mountains”).  

4th Stage of the trip

Valdice a Veliš

On the way back to Jičín you can have a stop in Valdice and see from outside one of the most famous prisons in the country. From Jičín awaits you ascent to the village Podhradí, lying in the pass below Veliš. From there it is also only a short ascent to the top. It is ideal to be here before the afternoon, when you have the sun at your back and the whole Jičín basin and the Giant Mountains at your fingertips. You can also undertake a walk to the hill Loreta with a small quarry and baroque chapel.

Article: Ascent to Veliš

Outlook of the Czech Paradise

Veliš hill (429 m asl) is the best and surprisingly little forgotten outlook point to Jičín basin, the Czech Paradise, Giant Mountains and immense Elbe plain in the south. Although it is lying on yellow tourist trail leading from Jičín to Ostružno (approx 6.5 km from the center of town), most people go by car to the village of Podhradí lying in the pass of the Veliš ridge – from here it is only a few minutes to the top. A popular option is to combine this short ascent up the hill with a cycling trip through the area of St. Mary's Garden.

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