The most beautiful trips in the Lusatian Mountains

Where to go on trips in the Lusatian Mountains

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The most beautiful trips in the Lusatian Mountains
Updated: 26.11.2021
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The Lusatian Mountains are a very picturesque region in northern Bohemia. In terms of tourism, it is a bit overshadowed by the nearby Bohemian Switzerland National Park, thanks to which there are at least slightly fewer tourists. There are dozens of beautiful hills, but also sandstone rocks. Let's take a look at the most beautiful trips you can take here.

Visit of Panská rock

Unique basalt organ

| Altitude: 597 m / 1 959 ft

Panská skála („Lord's Rock”) at Kamenický Šenov belongs to the most interesting natural monuments from the… continue reading

Ascent to Mount Klíč

The most beautiful peak of the Lusatian Mountains

| Altitude: 759 m / 2 490 ft

Mount Klíč (759 m above sea level) is the gateway to the Lusatian Mountains and their fourth highest mountain… continue reading

Oybin Castle and surroundings

In the castle grounds and in the castle

| Altitude: 445 m / 1 460 ft

The journey begins in the small village of Krompach, where we cross the pedestrian crossing and walk to the… continue reading

Hike around Modlivý dol near Svojkov

Visit to the rock chapel Modlivý důl

| Altitude: 436 m / 1 430 ft

The Modlivý důl rock chapel is one of the biggest attractions, which you will find in a picturesque area… continue reading

Walk around the castle Sloup

Magic rock castle in Lusatian Mountains

| Altitude: 360 m / 1 181 ft

One of the most picturesque places in the Lusatian Mountains is the castle Sloup and its surroundings located… continue reading

Hell's Mines (Desolate Churches I)

The largest artificial sandstone underground in Europe

Altitude: 306 m / 1 004 ft

About 9 km northeast of the town of Česká Lípa is the largest artificial sandstone underground in Europe –… continue reading

Golden Hill

Less known and at the same time higher rock wall than Panská skála

Altitude: 612 m / 2 008 ft

This rock formation is less known, but at the same time more powerful than 6 km distant Panská skála. This… continue reading

Samuel's cave

Rock dwellings within sight of Sloup Castle

Altitude: 343 m / 1 125 ft

Samuel's Cave is a hermit's residence, carved into a sandstone rock mass, protruding from a small hill above… continue reading

Large gypsy cave

Large sandstone cave behind Sloup Castle

Altitude: 295 m / 968 ft

If you go west from the Sloup rock castle to the blue and then the yellow tourist sign, you will get to an… continue reading

Desolate churches II

Extensive sandstone man-made caves

Altitude: 301 m / 988 ft

About 400m west of the more famous caves Pekelné doly (Pusté kostely I) there is a smaller artificial… continue reading

A tour of the Svojkov rock castle

The beginning of a trip to the surroundings of Svojkov

| Altitude: 379 m / 1 243 ft

Svojkov is a pleasant starting point for several tourist circuits with attractions such as Modlivý důl,… continue reading

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