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The most beautiful hikes in Hrubý Jeseník

The best of tourism in Hrubý Jeseník

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The most beautiful hikes in Hrubý Jeseník
Inserted: 07.10.2020
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Hrubý Jeseník is the second highest mountain range in the Czech Republic and not only for this reason it promises very beautiful hikes and views. The highest mountain is Praděd with a typical transmitter on top. Few visitors to the Jeseníky Mountains will miss it. Let's see what beautiful hikes they can do here

Crossing Králický Sněžník - Hrubý Jeseník

Two mountains during one trek

| Altitude: 1 487 m / 4 879 ft

The proximity of the Králický Sněžník and Hrubý Jeseník mountains directly encourages one to complete their… continue reading

Classic ascent to Praděd

Ascent to the highest mountain in Moravia

| Altitude: 1 491 m / 4 892 ft

Almost everyone who visits the Hrubý Jeseník mountain range for the first time wants to climb its highest… continue reading

Dlouhé Stráně

Interesting technical building in the middle of beautiful mountains

| Altitude: 1 341 m / 4 400 ft

The Dlouhé Stráně pumped storage hydroelectric power plant is located in Hrubý Jeseník. It belongs to the… continue reading

From Rejvíz to Jeseník

Easy and wonderful walk with views

| Altitude: 765 m / 2 510 ft

The mountain settlement Rejvíz lies at an altitude of 780 m above sea level on the border of Hrubý Jeseník… continue reading

Ascent to Praděd, Sokol and Lyra

Circuit through the highest peak of Hrubý Jeseník

| Altitude: 1 491 m / 4 892 ft

There are many paths to Praděd, the highest peak of Hrubý Jeseník. The easiest, but also the least… continue reading

Ascent to Vysoká hola and Břidličná hora

Circuit through the second highest peak of Hrubý Jeseník

| Altitude: 1 464 m / 4 803 ft

High sticks may be a less attractive target at first glance than the nearby and slightly higher Praděd, but… continue reading


Rock climbing in Jeseníky

| Altitude: 745 m / 2 444 ft

Rabštejnské skály are a bit away from the main ridge in Jeseníky, the beauty does not detract from its beauty… continue reading

To the most beautiful places of the Jeseníky Mountains

Easy route along the ridge in NP Šerák - Keprník

| Altitude: 1 384 m / 4 541 ft

Photogenic views, wherever you look! ? ️ Quite an easy route, because you walk along the ridge and so much… continue reading

Ascent to Keprník and Vozek

Circuit through the fourth highest peak of Hrubý Jeseník

| Altitude: 1 423 m / 4 669 ft

Keprník is the highest mountain of the Keprnická hornatina and the fourth highest mountain of the Hrubý… continue reading

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