The most beautiful trips in Kathmandu

The best of Kathmandu

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The most beautiful trips in Kathmandu
Inserted: 13.09.2020

Kathmandu offers many beautiful sights not only in its center, but also in the adjacent royal cities. In addition, you can go to the mountains that surround the entire Kathmandu Basin. Let's see what you can expect before you get the necessary permission for the trek or before leaving back home

Visit of Bhaktapur

The most beautiful royal town

| Altitude: 1 330 m / 4 364 ft

The historic center of Bhaktapur is without any doubt the most beautiful Nepalese royal town. The local… continue reading

Visit of Boudhanath

The holiest Buddhist temple in Kathmandu

| Altitude: 1 335 m / 4 380 ft

Almost at the eastern end of Kathmandu just two kilometers north of the international airport lies the most… continue reading

Visit of Durbar Square in Kathmandu

The historic center of Kathmandu

| Altitude: 1 310 m / 4 298 ft

If Thamel is the tourist center of the town, then its southern edge with Durbar Square is the historical and… continue reading

Visit of Pashupatinath

The holiest temple in Nepal

| Altitude: 1 315 m / 4 314 ft

Pashupatinath is the most important Hindu temple throughout Nepal. It is located at the eastern end of… continue reading

Visit of Swayambhunath

Monkey temple in Kathmandu

| Altitude: 1 400 m / 4 593 ft

Stupa Swayambhunath (called also Monkey temple, which is very apt) with surrounding temples stretched on the… continue reading

Visit of Patan

Royal town to the south of Kathmandu

| Altitude: 1 315 m / 4 314 ft

Earlier independent royal town Patan is nowadays only the southern suburbs of Katmandu. In its heart, however… continue reading

Tour of Kirtipur

Historic city on the outskirts of Kathmandu

Altitude: 1 384 m / 4 541 ft

If you want to go on a short trip from Kathmandu to an interesting historic city, where there are no crowds… continue reading

Tour of Changu Narayan

A tour of an ancient Hindu temple

| Altitude: 1 521 m / 4 990 ft

Changu Narayan Temple is located on a hill, just a few kilometers north, from the famous and frequently… continue reading

Visit of Kathesimbu stupa

Small Boudhanat

| Altitude: 1 310 m / 4 298 ft

While walking around Thamel it is definitely recommended to stop at a small square literally filled with… continue reading

Kora around Swayambhunath

Sacred circle in the center of Kathmandu

| Altitude: 1 340 m / 4 396 ft

Almost every tourist visiting Nepal wants to ascend to the stupa Swayambhunath in Kathmandu. But only a few… continue reading

A tour of the Garden of Dreams in Kathmandu

A divine oasis of peace in Kathmandu

| Altitude: 1 306 m / 4 285 ft

Whatever Kathmandu is, it's definitely not a quiet city. Smog, a street crowded with people and vehicles –… continue reading

Changu Narayan Tour - Bhaktapur

A walk through the Nepalese countryside

| Altitude: 1 378 m / 4 521 ft

Bhaktapur is known to virtually every tourist who has visited Nepal. Even the Changu Narayan temple is… continue reading

Life in Thamel

Hustle in the city center

| Altitude: 1 320 m / 4 331 ft

Kathmandu district of Thamel will most likely be your first place of visit in Nepal and you will spend here… continue reading

Gorakhnath Mandir Temple and surroundings

An interesting temple near Pashupatinath

Altitude: 1 343 m / 4 406 ft

Almost everyone who visits Nepal's Kathmandu will take a trip to the most famous Pashupatinath temple. Only a… continue reading

Wochen Thukje Chieling Temple

A lesser-known neighbor of Swayambhunath

Altitude: 1 382 m / 4 534 ft

Most visitors to the Swayambhunath Stupa, standing on a massive hill in the western part of Kathmandu, climb… continue reading

A tour of the Buddhist district in Kathmandu

Walk north of Boudhanath

| Altitude: 1 334 m / 4 377 ft

The gigantic Boudhanath stupa is without a doubt one of the biggest attractions you can visit in Kathmandu.… continue reading

Trip to Budhanilkantha

Temple of sleeping Vishnu

| Altitude: 1 450 m / 4 757 ft

Budhanilkantha located just ten kilometers north of downtown of Kathmandu on the slope of the green mountain… continue reading

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