The most beautiful trips from London

What to do and experience in London and the surrounding area

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The most beautiful trips from London
Inserted: 18.10.2019
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London, as one of the largest cities in Europe, offers a large number of interesting places and sights. In addition, it is possible to take a number of beautiful trips. Let's take a look at the most beautiful trips you can take from London

Walk along the Thames

London promenade around the river

| Altitude: 8 m / 26 ft

Most of the historic capitals have at least one larger river flowing, and a walk along its banks will usually… continue reading

A tour of Cambridge

Famous university town with history

| Altitude: 17 m / 56 ft

The breathtaking city of Cambridge, with a reputation far ahead, is a good choice if you have already visited… continue reading

A trip to the cliffs of Seven Sisters

Walk on the white cliffs

| Altitude: 8 m / 26 ft

The white, towering rocks are usually the first to welcome visitors to the British Isles, coming from the… continue reading

A tour of Dover

Entrance gate to a British island

| Altitude: 5 m / 16 ft

The port city of Dover is located closest to the shores of France and therefore the city of Calais. The… continue reading

A tour of Brighton

Seaside resort near London

| Altitude: 10 m / 33 ft

If you are in London and want to enjoy a little sea and summer seaside atmosphere, a trip to Brighton is… continue reading

A tour of Windsor and Eton

Royal residence and prestigious boys' school

| Altitude: 22 m / 72 ft

An interesting day trip outside the gates of London is undoubtedly a visit to the town of Winsdor with the… continue reading

Unconventional activities in London

Free or cheap

| Altitude: 8 m / 26 ft

London is generally a relatively expensive city in terms of traditional experiences. Admission to landmarks… continue reading

London parks

The most beautiful parks in the center and around the city

| Altitude: 8 m / 26 ft

London is one of the greenest cities in Europe, so here you will find almost every corner a smaller or larger… continue reading

Bike trip in the south east of England

Along the coast in Kent

| Altitude: 5 m / 16 ft

If you are looking for a place to go on a bike trip near London and enjoy the beautiful views with a minimum… continue reading

Worthing tour

Quiet seaside town

| Altitude: 7 m / 23 ft

In the summer months, when temperatures rise above 25 ° C, Londoners try to leave the hot city and run to… continue reading

A tour of Southampton

A large harbor in Hampshire

| Altitude: 21 m / 69 ft

In the south of England in the county of Hampshire, less than 2 hours drive from London, you will find one of… continue reading

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