The most beautiful mountain ascents in Andorra

The best of mountain hiking in Andorra

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The most beautiful mountain ascents in Andorra
Inserted: 12.03.2020

Although Andorra is only a small country, due to the fact that it is practically surrounded on all sides by the Pyrenees, it offers dozens of beautiful mountain tours. Let's take a look at the most beautiful hikes and mountain ascents you can take here

Ascent to Coma Pedrosa

Ascent to the highest mountain of Andorra

| Altitude: 2 942 m / 9 652 ft

Coma Pedrosa is the highest peak of the Principality of Andorra at 2,942 meters above sea level. At the… continue reading

Ascent to Pessons

A valley full of lakes

| Altitude: 2 864 m / 9 396 ft

Pessons with a height of 2,864 m above sea level is a beautiful mountain. However, it would not be… continue reading

Ascent to Estanys de Juclar

To the largest lake in Andorra

| Altitude: 2 295 m / 7 530 ft

Andorra is not only a land of high mountains, but also a land of beautiful lakes. You can see this, for… continue reading

Ascent to Pic de Casamanya

Magic mountain in the heart of Andorra

| Altitude: 2 746 m / 9 009 ft

Pic de Casamanya actually has three peaks separated by shallow saddles. The main peak is considered to be Pic… continue reading

Ascent to Pic de Tristaina

On the border between Andorra and France

| Altitude: 2 878 m / 9 442 ft

A monumental yet relatively easily accessible mountain on the border between Andorra and France. Pic de… continue reading

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