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Hiking in a small but picturesque mountain range

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Hrubý Jeseník
Inserted: 26.11.2021
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Before I go to the forest, Hrubý Jeseník is in the palm of my hand

Ascent to Kralický Sněžník

Or a jump to Poland

| Altitude: 1 424 m / 4 672 ft

Kralický Sněžník is the highest mountain of the NPR Kralický Sněžník. Unlike such a Sněžka, for example, you… continue reading

Circuit through Králický Sněžník

Circuit from Upper Moravia

| Altitude: 1 417 m / 4 649 ft

My friend and I started in the evening climbing from the parking lot from Horní Morava to the Klepáč lookout… continue reading

Crossing Kralický Sněžník

Ascent to Kralický Sněžník

| Altitude: 574 m / 1 883 ft

The Kralický Sněžník Mountains are the second smallest mountain range in the Czech Republic with an area of… continue reading

Crossing Králický Sněžník - Hrubý Jeseník

Two mountains during one trek

| Altitude: 1 487 m / 4 879 ft

The proximity of the Králický Sněžník and Hrubý Jeseník mountains directly encourages one to complete their… continue reading

Winter ascent to Králický Sněžník

The highest peak of the Pardubice region

| Altitude: 1 424 m / 4 672 ft

Králický Sněžník (1,424 m above sea level), peak and mountains in one. Since the peak is a bit on the side of… continue reading

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