Beautiful mountain climbs in the High Taures

Tips for interesting mountain climbs in the Taures

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Beautiful mountain climbs in the High Taures
Inserted: 09.07.2022
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The High Tauern is proud of Austria's highest mountain – the Grossglockner, and it is one of the main goals of climbers in this environment. You can climb it by various difficult routes. The second most famous and lighter mountain is Grossvenediger. In addition to demanding climbing ascents, you can go on a whole range of mountains from walking difficulty to a highly difficult all-day hike.

Ascent to Grossglockner Stüdlgrat

The Big Bell unexpectedly without people

| Altitude: 3 798 m / 12 461 ft

We chose a somewhat untraditional variant with a starting night at Erzherzog-Johann-Hütte, which meant a… continue reading

Ascent to Großvenediger normal

View of the Hohe Tauern

| Altitude: 3 666 m / 12 028 ft

Großvenediger, located in the Hohe Tauern, has a height of 3,666 meters. nm the fourth highest mountain in… continue reading

Ascent to Großvenediger Nordgrat

A two-day alpine hike

| Altitude: 3 666 m / 12 028 ft

The Großvenediger, or Greater Venetian, lies west of the Großglockner and is considered Austria's fourth… continue reading

Ascent to Medelzkopf

View of two beautiful lakes

| Altitude: 2 459 m / 8 068 ft

Medelzkopf (2,762 m above sea level) is a peak with a beautiful view of two dam lakes – Weißsee and… continue reading

Ascent to Lackkopf

Outlook of the valley Ferleintental

| Altitude: 2 084 m / 6 837 ft

If you have already set out for a nice hike around five waterfalls to the homestead Walcher Hochalm (1 855 m… continue reading

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