Markha trek

The most typical trek in Ladakh

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Markha trek
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There is perhaps no more traditional trek in Ladakh than walk through Markha valley, during which you will see in just one week nearly all types of landscapes that are offered by Ladakh. Markha river flows parallel with Indus, from which it is separated by the ridge of Stok mountain range. To the south are Zanskar mountains with massive peak of Kang Yatse. On the trek you will experience not only crossing of the five thousand high pass, but also several fordings of the river 

Day 1 - Around the monasteries in Shang Sumdo

The first day awaits you ride to trek starting point in Martselang. It is ideal to combine this journey with seeing the monasteries in the Indus valley. You will walk from Martselang along the dusty road to Shang Sumdo, which is an ideal place to accommodate. If you're in a hurry or you've already seen the monasteries within other trip, then drive from Leh directly to Shang Sumdo and later that day continue to Chuskyurma (thus saving a day against this itinerary).


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Day 2 - From Shang Sumdo to camp Chuskyurmo

The second day is relatively short, but it is necessary to increase the height gradually due to the acclimation. Moreover, it is possible to set out from Chuskyurma for a great acclimatization ascent, where you'll enjoy also the perfect sunset over mystical Ladack landscape.


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Hike Shang Sumdo - Chuskyurmo
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The ascent above Chuskyurmo

Day 3 – Through the canyon to Lartsa

This day awaits you only the ascent through interesting canyon to a small camping commons Lartsa. Only very well acclimated people manage to cross Kongmaru la pass in one day from Chuskyurma up to Nimaling.


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Hike Chuskyurmo - Lartsa

Day 4 – Over the pass Kongmaru la

On the fourth day of the trek you get to the highest point, to the pass Kongmaru la (5 276 m asl), however, if you do not undertake a walk higher from the pass along the ridge (we recommended) or do not plan an ascent from Nimaling. After descending to the pastoral plain Nimaling you must decide whether you will undertake any more trips (the way to the springs of Markha, ascent to Kang Yatse or other surrounding mountains), or whether you do not want to sleep so high and descend the same day to Thachungtse.


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Hike along the ridge Kongmaru
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Article: Hike upland plain Nimaling

Nimaling (4 840 m asl ) is the highest point on Markha trek, where is built „refreshment“ tea tent. It is also the base for the… continue reading

Hike upland plain Nimaling
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Hike Nimaling - Thachungtse

Day 5 – Long walk to the village of Markha

The fifth day of Markha trek belongs among the long stages of this walk full of natural wonders, which Ladakh offers. You will get below four thousand meters above sea level.


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Day 6 - At the junction of paths in Skyu

The walk from Markha to Skyu belongs among the most tiring days on the entire trek, mainly because there is no shade and sun is here really intense.


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Hike Markha - Skyu

Day 7 – From Skyu to the canyon of Zanskar

The seventh and last day of the trek is already quite short. You can expect the way to the confluence of river Markha with huge Zanskar and then only to the cable car across the river to Chilling.


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