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Excursions along the river Elbe

From the Giant Mountains to the Elbe Sandstone

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Excursions along the river Elbe
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The Elbe is the most important Czech river and one of the largest in Europe. It flows 370 kilometers in the Czech Republic and you can make a lot of interesting trips along it. It is also a good challenge to visit everything interesting along its course. So let's take a look at trips from its source in the Giant Mountains to Hřensko, where it leaves the Czech Republic and flows into Germany.

Stage 1: From the source of the Elbe to Vrchlabí

Along the Elbe in the Giant Mountains

Starting a journey along the Elbe is the most stylish from its source. You can manage everything in one day from Špindlerův Mlýn, when in addition to the spring you will also visit the beautiful Labský důl with several waterfalls. Of course, if you come here from afar, the whole weekend is better. On the southern edge of Špindlerův Mlýn, it is worth stopping at the interesting Elbe dam. On the way here or back, visit Vrchlabí with several attractions

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Tour of Vrchlabí

Stage 2: Podkrkonoším

The second trip will take you to the Giant Mountains. From Vrchlabí, the Elbe will take you to the historic town of Hostinné with a nice square. From here, continue to the most romantic dam in the Czech Republic – Les Království. Just a short distance away is the famous ZOO in Dvůr Králové. Dvůr Králové itself is worth a visit

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Stage 3: From Kuks to Hradec Králové

From Dvůr Králové, the Elbe flows along the Žíreč chateau to the Baroque gem Kuks, where we begin our third trip along the Elbe. Here you can spend half a day before walking through the interesting area. Then take a short stop in Jaroměř. If you are interested in history, you can explore the huge fortress town of Josefov next door. Via Smiřice with the castle you will reach the regional town of Hradec Králové. Here is the most interesting Great Square with the White Tower

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Stage 4: The heart of the Elbe

The fourth stage is a kilometer long, leads through the Elbe lowlands, so it is not so varied on the surrounding landscape. You can start the trip at the famous castle Kunětická hora, just a short distance from Pardubice, which also has a very beautiful historic center. After Pardubice, stop at the famous Kladruby stud farm. The last stop is the city of Kolín with a nice center around Charles Square

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Stage 5: Nymburk, Poděbrady and Stará Boleslav

The Elbe is slowly flowing through Central Bohemia. The Poděbrady spa, Nymburk with its fortifications and then the historically important Stará Boleslav and Brandýs nad Labem lying just across the water with a nice chateau are waiting for you here.

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Stage 6: From the confluence with the Vltava to the central mountains

Near the beautiful town of Mělník, the Elbe takes the Vltava. Surprisingly, the larger and longer Vltava loses its name here and then it is the Elbe. The river is just a short distance from the famous Říp Mountain and is slowly approaching Litoměřice, where the Czech Central Mountains begin. Next to it is the gloomy Terezín

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Stage 7: Across the Bohemian Central Mountains

Beyond Litoměřice, the Elbe penetrates into the Bohemian Central Mountains. It is one of the most beautiful parts of the Elbe in the Czech Republic. From the river you can go to several beautiful lookout hills, such as Lovoš or Varhošť. Just before Ústí nad Labem is an interesting castle Střekov. Another interesting stop is Děčín with a nice castle and zoo

Stage 8: Elbe sandstones and Bohemian Switzerland

The last stage of the trip along the Elbe is perhaps the most beautiful. From Děčín, the Elbe makes its way through a narrow canyon surrounded by sandstone rocks. There are a number of beautiful views on both sides of the river. The last stop is Hřensko as a starting point for the famous Pravčická gate or the Kamenice canyon

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