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Controversial modern building at the source of the Elbe

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Labská bouda
Inserted: 26.01.2021
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At Labská Louka, just one kilometer from the source of the Elbe, a modern reinforced concrete building, Labská bouda, lies at an altitude of 1,310 m above sea level. This „alpine block of flats“ located in the most attractive place in the first zone of KRNAP provokes numerous controversial opinions. In the years 2007–2011, its demolition was even seriously considered. However, no agreement was reached with the private owner. It is interesting that Bohumil Hanč died of hypothermia at Labská bouda during the tragic race on March 24, 1913.

Turbulent history

As early as 1828, the first booth, where refreshments were served, stood at the Elbe Waterfall. After 1850, there was already a larger building. Tourism continued to develop and required further gradual additions. Finally, in 1934, it received its final form. On November 6, 1965, this old Elbe hut was destroyed by a fire caused by the careless thawing of the central heating. The new Labská bouda was opened on October 30, 1975. The nine-storey reinforced concrete panel building was built in five years by Konstruktiva for CZK 31.112 million. It turned out that the concrete is not very suitable for the local environment, so the building had to undergo extensive reconstruction at the beginning of the 21st century. The repair of the external cladding of the building continues today.

Turbulent history
Author: Martin Javorský © gigaplaces.com

Attractive location

Thanks to its attractive location and good accessibility, it is one of the most visited ridge huts in the Giant Mountains in summer and winter. In nice weather, the terrace in front of the buffet is a very popular place to sit.

Attractive location
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Accommodation and meals

The hotel offers 10 single and 52 double rooms with accessories. In addition, it offers cheaper accommodation in a hostel for tourists with their own mat and sleeping bag. It offers tourists a snack snack or sitting in a modern restaurant with amazing views of the Elbe mine.

Accommodation and meals
Author: Martin Javorský © gigaplaces.com
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