The most beautiful Krkonoše mountain huts

Romance and history on the ridges

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The most beautiful Krkonoše mountain huts
Inserted: 06.02.2021
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At first, shelters for lumberjacks and shepherds were built on the Krkonoše glades. These became known as sheds. Gradually, the number of visitors to the mountains began to grow, and therefore they gradually became accommodation facilities. At first they slept in hay, but soon the sheds began to increase accommodation capacity and offer other services. Now these modernized huts are used by tourists and offer refreshments or accommodation. However, some have preserved their historic mountain character and are definitely worth a visit. Usually, tourists just stop by the huts for refreshments and continue on. But if you sleep on them, you will enjoy a romantic evening in comfort after the visitors leave.

Meadow hut

Queen among the Krkonoše mountain huts

Altitude: 1 415 m / 4 642 ft

Luční bouda is a real gem among the Krkonoše huts. It holds a number of superlatives and is the oldest shed… continue reading

Labská bouda

Controversial modern building at the source of the Elbe

Altitude: 1 312 m / 4 304 ft

At Labská Louka, just one kilometer from the source of the Elbe, a modern reinforced concrete building,… continue reading

Martin's hut

Stylish shed, which gave the name to Martina Navrátilová

Altitude: 1 258 m / 4 127 ft

Martinova bouda is a mountain hut located at an altitude of 1255 m just below the ridge of the Giant… continue reading

Hut above the Snow Pits

A mountain hut standing from afar, visible from afar

Altitude: 1 472 m / 4 829 ft

The hut at the Snow Pits (Schronisko Nad Śnieżnymi Kotłami) is built in Poland about 140 m beyond the Czech… continue reading

Spindleruv Bouda

Hotel with wellness directly on the ridge

Altitude: 1 203 m / 3 947 ft

The Špindlerovka mountain hut stands above Špindlerův Mlýn at an altitude of 1205 m above sea level directly… continue reading

Petrova bouda

A shed that literally rose from the ashes

Altitude: 1 283 m / 4 209 ft

Petrova bouda is a newly built mountain hut at an altitude of 1280 m located only 200 m from the Czech-Polish… continue reading

Vrbatova bouda

The only ridge post-war hut

Altitude: 1 390 m / 4 560 ft

Vrbatova bouda has a great location on the edge of the Golden Hill at an altitude of 1,395 m above sea level,… continue reading

Shed Revival

Hostel right on the ridge

Altitude: 1 237 m / 4 058 ft

About 350 m northeast of Špindlerův Mlýn, just beyond the borders, there is the Polish hut Obrození … continue reading

Shed Silesian House

Shed, which offers overnight accommodation at the foot of Sněžka

Altitude: 1 386 m / 4 547 ft

The Silesian House (Schronisko Górskie „Dom Śląski”) is a Polish hostel located on the Silesian ridge at an… continue reading

Bouda Jelenka

Hunting lodge near Sněžka

Altitude: 1 261 m / 4 137 ft

The newly renovated Jelenka tourist hut is located in a clearing at an altitude of 1263 meters on the main… continue reading

Vosecká bouda

Comfortable romance without electricity

Altitude: 1 252 m / 4 108 ft

This mountain hut, owned by the Czech Tourists Club, is the westernmost Czech Krkonoše ridge hut. It is… continue reading

Czech booth

A place where there is no booth, let alone a shed

Altitude: 1 406 m / 4 613 ft

Anyone looking for a building at this place, or at least its remains, will be disappointed. In summer, you… continue reading

Shed In Pass Edge

Tourist hostel next to Pomezní bud

Altitude: 1 044 m / 3 425 ft

Border huts have become a popular and fashionable destination. It offers a number of comfortable… continue reading

Border hut

Historic mountain hut at the border crossing

Altitude: 1 051 m / 3 448 ft

Pomezní bouda is the most famous building in the northernmost part of the village Horní Malá Úpa. This part… continue reading

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