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A shed that literally rose from the ashes

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Petrova bouda
Inserted: 30.01.2021
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Petrova bouda is a newly built mountain hut at an altitude of 1280 m located only 200 m from the Czech-Polish border about 5 kilometers north of Špindlerův Mlýn. Thanks to its great location and easy accessibility, it was a very popular destination in the past. It completely burned down in 2011 and was then the subject of long struggles over how to reconstruct it. The brand new hut is now in private hands and is waiting to be opened to the public. It is interesting that in 1910 a public telephone station was established here, enabling direct connections both to the interior of Austria-Hungary and across the border to Germany.


Petrovka is perfectly accessible and offers pedestrians, cyclists and cross-country skiers a number of tours to the beautiful surroundings. Directly around the hut leads the tourist ridge „The Road of Czech-Polish Friendship“. One of the paths adapted for wheelchairs also leads here.

Author: Martin Javorský © gigaplaces.com


The shed for summer accommodation of pastoralists was allegedly located here as early as 1790. The first shed for year-round accommodation was built here only in 1811. It was built by Johann Pittermann and his distorted surname was then given to the name of the shed. Gradually, Petrovka was rebuilt, but a major reconstruction took place in 1887, when a completely new stone building with lounges and 20 guest rooms was built. During the First Republic, there was a further development and increase in attendance. During the war, frequent guests were prominent figures of the German occupying power, such as KH Frank or von Neurath. After the war, it was nationalized and became a trade union convalescent home. After 1989, the hut changed owners several times and gradually began to decay until it was closed. On Sunday, July 31, 2011, it started to burn on the abandoned Petrovka, unfortunately due to the thick fog, the fire was not discovered until the next day. Due to that, the whole building, except for the stone part, was completely destroyed. Petrovka was declared a cultural monument in 1997, and therefore the agreement on the form and scope of the complete reconstruction of the hut was difficult. In the end, an agreement was reached and a completely new shed was built, copying the original look. Unfortunately, it has not yet been put into operation for the public.

Author: Martin Javorský © gigaplaces.com
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