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Hunting lodge near Sněžka

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Bouda Jelenka
Inserted: 06.02.2021
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The newly renovated Jelenka tourist hut is located in a clearing at an altitude of 1263 meters on the main Krkonoše ridge at the crossroads of tourist paths between Pomezní bouda and Sněžka. Fewer tourists climb here to Sněžka, so it is much calmer than on other ascent routes. In the evening there is complete peace in the middle of unspoiled nature.


The hut is located in a picturesque setting between Svorova hora and Owl saddle on the ridge of the eastern Giant Mountains directly on the border with Poland. Thanks to its convenient location, it is possible to set off from Jelenka in all directions and enjoy the beautiful environment of the less visited part of the Giant Mountains.

Author: Martin Javorský © gigaplaces.com


The hut was built in 1936 as a hunting lodge by Count Jaromír Černín-Morzin and was named Bouda u Emmina pramene. After World War II, the hut was confiscated and used for corporate recreation. In the early 1990s, it was sold into private hands.

Author: Martin Javorský © gigaplaces.com

Accommodation and meals

Accommodation capacity is a total of 26 beds There are two 4-bed, one 6-bed and one 12-bed room. All rooms are equipped with bunk beds, hot and cold water. Sanitary facilities including showers are shared on the floor for all rooms. The cozy, stylish restaurant offers hot and cold dishes and draft beer and lemonade. The hut is operated all year round.

Accommodation and meals
Author: Martin Javorský © gigaplaces.com
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