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Historic mountain hut at the border crossing

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Border hut
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Pomezní bouda is the most famous building in the northernmost part of the village Horní Malá Úpa. This part of the village, probably founded sometime around 1634 and lying at an altitude of 1,050 m above sea level, is called Pomezní Boudy. It is located directly on the border with Poland, where immediately behind the road border crossing is the settlement Graniczne Budy. Recently, Pomezní Boudy has undergone great development, it has become a popular tourist and ski destination, and at the same time it has managed to preserve its original picturesque appearance. It is interesting that the mountain church of St. Peter and Paul in nearby Dolní Malá Úpa is the highest church in the Czech Republic.


The settlement of Pomezní boudy offers a number of accommodation of various categories and, due to its location, is a popular place for skiers and tourists looking for a less visited part of the Giant Mountains. At the same time, this center is an important point when wandering along the Krkonoše ridges. It is also a popular place for climbing Sněžka. There are many less demanding hiking trails and beautiful alpine meadows with renovated original cottages.

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An inn has been operated on the site of today's Pomezní bouda since 1870. This inn house with a brick ground floor, a half-timbered floor and a residential attic has been preserved in its almost original form to this day. It served mainly clients from neighboring Silesia and gradually changed its name. After the war it was called Devětsil, only after the privatization after 1989 did the original name Pomezní boudy return to it. It is interesting that in the original Pomezní bouda, which burned down in 1860, customs collectors served between 1841 and 1857.

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Skiing area

In Malá Úpa there is a smaller winter resort, which is one of the highest resorts in the Czech Republic. It is equipped with a snowmaking system, so it guarantees quality snow cover throughout the season. Ski Area Malá Úpa consists of two areas – Pomezky and U Kostela, which are connected. The Pomezka ski slope runs directly along the state border and you can see Sněžka in the distance.

Skiing area
Author: Martin Javorský © gigaplaces.com
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