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The most beautiful trips in the Kokořín region

Tips for trips Kokořínsko

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The most beautiful trips in the Kokořín region
Inserted: 06.09.2019

Kokořínsko and Mácha region – a large protected area where you can take a number of beautiful trips and tours. You will find mainly sandstone rocks, views of the region and several castles and ruins.

A tour of Bezděz Castle

Tour of the royal castle

| Altitude: 604 m / 1 982 ft

Bezděz Castle located on a high hill Velký Bezděz (604 m above sea level) is one of the most visited places… continue reading

Tour of Kokořín Castle

The heart of the Kokorin region

| Altitude: 299 m / 981 ft

The most visited place in the whole Kokořín region is undoubtedly the Kokořín castle, built on a sandstone… continue reading

Devil's heads

Rocky statues near Želíz

| Altitude: 214 m / 702 ft

In the Central Bohemian region near Mělník, more precisely above the village of Želízy, you will find this… continue reading

Ascent to Lysá skála

An interesting lookout point near Provodín

| Altitude: 419 m / 1 375 ft

Lysá skála (419 m above sea level) is one of the most interesting peaks of the Kokořín region and the Mácha… continue reading

Úštěk tour

A trip to a picturesque town

| Altitude: 244 m / 801 ft

Úštěk lies on the border of two beautiful areas of the Czech Republic – the Bohemian Central Mountains and… continue reading

A tour of the ruins of the Jestřebí castle

Mysterious view of the Lusatian Mountains

| Altitude: 272 m / 892 ft

The dominant feature of the small village of Jestřebí, located right next to the busy junction of the main… continue reading

Hike through Vojtěšský dol

Trip to Jestřebické pokličky

| Altitude: 312 m / 1 024 ft

Vojtěšský důl connects the picturesque village of Vojtěchov with Jestřebice. Thanks to the interesting… continue reading

Trip to Calvary Sharp

Great view of Úštěk

| Altitude: 398 m / 1 306 ft

At the very western end of the Kokořín region you will find the picturesque town of Úštěk and only a few… continue reading

Ascent to Maršovický vrch

Great view of the Bohemian Central Mountains and the Lusatian Mountains

| Altitude: 488 m / 1 601 ft

Maršovický vrch (515 m above sea level) lies just a short distance from the protected landscape area… continue reading

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