The most beautiful tours in the NP Sajama and Lauca

The most beautiful volcanic scenery of Bolivia and Chile

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The most beautiful tours in the NP Sajama and Lauca
Inserted: 05.03.2021
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In the border area between Chile and Bolivia, you will find two neighboring national parks, Lauca and Sajama. Both offer challenging mountain ascents to the local volcanoes, alpine trekking and beautiful views. Thanks to the fact that there is an international road connecting Arica with La Paz, you can easily get here by international bus lines. The local tourism is challenging but will reward you with incredible views

Ascent to Mount Sajama 6,542 m above sea level

The highest mountain in Bolivia

| Altitude: 4 378 m / 14 364 ft

Mount Sajama is the highest mountain in Bolivia and is located in the Sajama National Park south of La Paz.… continue reading

Ascent to Parinacot

Ascent to a beautiful volcano

| Altitude: 6 348 m / 20 827 ft

Parinacota (6,342 m above sea level) is considered one of the most beautiful volcanoes in South America. It… continue reading

Hike Lagunas de Altura

On the way to three beautiful lagoons

| Altitude: 5 150 m / 16 896 ft

This beautiful and surprisingly not frequently walked hike around high-lying altiplano lagoons leads on both… continue reading

Ascent above the lake Chungara

Dreamy views of Parinacota

| Altitude: 5 000 m / 16 404 ft

Parinacota volcano (6 342m asl) renowned for its regular cone and snow cap is beautiful from all sides, but… continue reading

Walk around the village of Parinacota

Lauca National Park Centre

| Altitude: 4 430 m / 14 534 ft

The settlement Parinacota (4 430 m asl) doesn´t have so amazing location as Sajama village on the other side… continue reading

Hike Pueblo Sajama - Fumaroles

Outlook of Parinocata and Pomerape

| Altitude: 4 400 m / 14 436 ft

Sajama National Park offers a variety of beautiful hikes around the local Altiplano with view of the snowy… continue reading

Visit of village Sajama

Centre of Sajama National Park

| Altitude: 4 245 m / 13 927 ft

If you plan to visit National Park Sajama and undertake here a nice hike or ascend some of the local amazing… continue reading

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