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The most beautiful mountain crossings in the Czech Republic

The best of treks in the Czech Republic

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The most beautiful mountain crossings in the Czech Republic
Inserted: 19.05.2020
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Although in the Czech Republic we will not find who knows how high the mountains can be, there are still a number of beautiful mountain crossings. The most famous of the ridges is the crossing of the Giant Mountains, but even in other mountains you can do beautiful several-day hikes. Let's take a look at the best of them

Giant Mountains ridge crossing

The highest trek in the Czech Republic

| Altitude: 1 603 m / 5 259 ft

The Krkonoše ridge crossing is probably the most classic mountain march you can take in the Czech Republic.… continue reading

Crossing Králický Sněžník - Hrubý Jeseník

Two mountains during one trek

| Altitude: 1 487 m / 4 879 ft

The proximity of the Králický Sněžník and Hrubý Jeseník mountains directly encourages one to complete their… continue reading

Crossing Kralický Sněžník

Ascent to Kralický Sněžník

| Altitude: 574 m / 1 883 ft

The Kralický Sněžník Mountains are the second smallest mountain range in the Czech Republic with an area of… continue reading

Javornická hřebenovka

Three-day crossing of Javorníky

| Altitude: 1 059 m / 3 474 ft

We started the Javorníky crossing in the village of Hovězí and continued in the direction of Pulčina, where… continue reading

From the Giant Mountains through the Jestřebí Mountains

The picturesque landscape of the Czech mountains

| Altitude: 729 m / 2 392 ft

We will look to the east of the Giant Mountains and their smaller mountainous brother, which is the Jestřebí… continue reading

Wandering in the Bohemian Forest

Hike in the southern part of the Bohemian Forest

| Altitude: 1 036 m / 3 399 ft

Since ancient times, the area of the Bohemian Forest has formed a natural border between Bohemia and Germany.… continue reading

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