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Trips to castles and chateaux in the Czech Republic

The best trips to castles and chateaux

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Trips to castles and chateaux in the Czech Republic
Inserted: 27.03.2018
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The Czech Republic abounds in many beautiful chateaux, castles and ruins. This selection of trips will advise you on where to go on a trip to the castles and chateaux

Tour of Hukvaldy Castle

A trip to the huge Beskydy castle

| Altitude: 464 m / 1 522 ft

In the Palkovická hůrka mountains, which form the very picturesque Podbeskydí, you will also find the huge… continue reading

A tour of the Manětín chateau

Castle of the Lažanský family

| Altitude: 415 m / 1 362 ft

Manětín Chateau is located in the town of Manětín in the northern part of the Plzeň-sever district and is… continue reading

A tour of the Kačina chateau

Empire gem

| Altitude: 225 m / 738 ft

Kačina Castle is unique among Czech castles. It is the most important building of Empire architecture in… continue reading

A tour of Kynžvart Castle

Kynžvart journey II.

| Altitude: 587 m / 1 926 ft

Former summer residence of the Austrian Chancellor Klemens von Metternich. continue reading

A tour of the Žleby chateau

Romantic building and adjacent park

| Altitude: 250 m / 820 ft

The chateau is located in the village of the same name Žleby, on the border of the Central Bohemian and… continue reading

Tour of the Loučeň chateau

Informative and fun tour

| Altitude: 253 m / 830 ft

The local history dates back to 1226. Among the most famous owners of the estate are, for example. Albrecht… continue reading

A tour of the Komorní hrádek castle

An option that only occurs one day a year

| Altitude: 366 m / 1 201 ft

The chamber castle was built by Rack Kobyla from Dvorec in 1412 as a replacement for the conquered Čejchanov… continue reading

A tour of the Zruč nad Sázavou chateau

The castle, including the castle grounds

| Altitude: 355 m / 1 165 ft

The town of Zruč nad Sázavou, in the center of which is a chateau, including the chateau grounds, is located… continue reading

A tour of Starý Jičín Castle

Guardian of the Moravian Gate

| Altitude: 482 m / 1 581 ft

Above the quiet village of Starý Jičín lies the extensive ruins of the castle of the same name. From the… continue reading

Tour of Castle Trosky

Castle of two towers

| Altitude: 488 m / 1 601 ft

If you come to the Bohemian Paradise, visit of the castle Trosky is nearly obligations. Besides, it's such a… continue reading

Tour of Boskovice Castle

The largest castle near the Moravian Karst

| Altitude: 456 m / 1 496 ft

The most important monument of Boskovice is the massive ruins of a castle towering on a hill above the town.… continue reading

Tour of Kokořín Castle

The heart of the Kokorin region

| Altitude: 299 m / 981 ft

The most visited place in the whole Kokořín region is undoubtedly the Kokořín castle, built on a sandstone… continue reading

A tour of Bezděz Castle

Tour of the royal castle

| Altitude: 604 m / 1 982 ft

Bezděz Castle located on a high hill Velký Bezděz (604 m above sea level) is one of the most visited places… continue reading

Tour of Berchtold Castle

A pleasant trip for the whole family

| Altitude: 378 m / 1 240 ft

The first mention of the local manor house dates back to 1388, when it was owned by Vavřinec of Vidovice. It… continue reading

A tour of Zvíkov Castle

Castle above the confluence of the Vltava and Otava rivers

| Altitude: 359 m / 1 178 ft

Zvíkov Castle can be found in a very tactical place, on a rocky promontory above the confluence of the Vltava… continue reading

A tour of Frýdštejn

Rock castle above Malá Skála

| Altitude: 466 m / 1 529 ft

One of the biggest attractions of Maloskalsko is the rock castle Frýdštejn. On the sandstone massif, with… continue reading

A tour of the Rataj nad Sázavou chateau

The castle is still neglected by tourists

| Altitude: 360 m / 1 181 ft

The first mention of Ratají nad Sázavou is from 1156, when there was a log-brick castle. The owners changed… continue reading

Tour of Wallenstein Castle

The most famous rock castle of Hruboskalsko

| Altitude: 400 m / 1 312 ft

If you are located at the western end of Hruboskalsko, you can also visit the rock castle Valdštejn. Some… continue reading

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